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Protesters Charged With Vandalizing Nancy Pelosi’s House

A protester who allegedly vandalized former House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s garage Feb. 11 was charged with a felony, according to The San Francisco Standard.

Heather Phipps, an activist with the pro-Palestinian group Code Pink, was charged with two counts of felony vandalism for allegedly damaging Pelosi’s garage door, according to a complaint filed with the San Francisco Superior Court earlier this week, the outlet reported.

Phipps also allegedly damaged city streets and sidewalks outside of the congresswoman’s Pacific Heights home, the outlet reported. The repairs to the damage allegedly caused by Phipps cost $5,648, a spokesperson for the Department of Public Works said, according to the outlet. The cleanup efforts reportedly consisted of removing paint from sidewalks, street trees and the roadway.

Cynthia Papermaster, another protester with Code Pink, faces a misdemeanor vandalism charge after she allegedly left handprints in paint on Pelosi’s garage, the outlet reported. She has yet to be arraigned, a Code Pink spokesperson said.

Phipps is set to be arraigned March 12, according to the outlet.

This is not the first time Pelosi has been confronted by Code Pink protesters. The former House speaker told protesters who crowded around her vehicle Oct. 29, 2023 to “Go back to China, where your headquarters is” in a video which went viral in January 2024, the outlet noted.

Code Pink stated in an Oct. 31, 2023 blog post their goal was to “briefly hold Pelosi ‘hostage’” during the demonstration calling for a ceasefire at the Gaza Strip. A spokesperson for the group called the timing an “unfortunate coincidence” after realizing the date coincided with the anniversary of David DePape’s attack against Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    This is Susan Sarandons’ sisterhood ~ I went to their website to figure out who is CodePink and found this as their Mission Statement – – How would targeting Nancy Pelosi make an ounce of sense?

    “CODEPINK is all about taking action where it truly matters. We channel community grassroots democracy to where the power players are making (awful) decisions and make them listen. Wherever there is injustice, we’ll be there to highlight in bold PINK.”

    Decorating Pelosi’s Place- why? “We channel community grassroots democracy to where the power players are making (AWFUL) decisions and make them listen.” Exactly what can Nancy Pelosi do – she isn’t a POWER PLAYER anymore; she does NOT hold the House Speaker title anymore. So why would they target her, it goes against their Mission Statement as she is no longer a Power Player who makes Decisions (that are awful) – – – Something is OFF ? ?

    THIS makes no sense at all. A FELONY charge (>$5000) can result in up to 1 year imprisonment in California and a loss of voting privileges while in prison. So why target Nancy – now? They literally would strip the offender of a vote? There has got to be more to this story, because Democrats wouldn’t dare punish someone who votes for Democrats.

    I also think the City owns a gas-powered pressure washer and can handle the sidewalk and street in less than 1/2 of a day. Think about what Fani Willis’ Father said about the South Fulton House being targeted with the “B” word and the “N” word and somehow Fani leaves the house, gets into her car and doesn’t see any of that and while at work – Dad cleaned it all up. So that is no different than Nancy picking up the phone, calling Jose their Handyman and having him pressure wash it off their garage door – $200 at the most!

    I don’t think these Activists are that STUPID – they would use a paint that is easily removed with soap & water and if it is done within 48 hrs of being applied; it will come off easily. I hope “CodePink” hires someone to go over there and clean up both areas (Pelosi and City sidewalk/street) and they film it to show that it took 6 hrs total…..hardly >$5000 dollars. Nancy & friends didn’t seem to mind when 30% of American cities were being “decorated” by Black Lives Matter activists and writing BLM on every Statue, Historical Monuments, etc. I hope CodePink FIGHTS this in Court; because I do believe they could win. The Govt has set a precedent now. While Nancy Pelosi WAS in Office in 2020, she didn’t want anyone punished for the upheaval of Portland to Chop City – there had to be 100+ Graffiti tags in just two city blocks – Basically in a Nut Shell Nancy Pelosi did not feel that the Acts and Behavior of every single activist of 2020 warranted to be arrested, do time and have their personal rights taken from them for any length of time – SO how can she demand that now? I’d scream “Discrimination” and fight these charges in court – just because it is Pelosi. (I agree these actions are wrong and unlawful) Et tu Brute?

  • Who Said What says:

    I laugh at what this group did to the leftist politician’s house but I DESPISE their pro-Palestinian – I mean pro-terrorist – message and demands.

    MORE arms and funds to Israel and NONE to the “Palestinian victims.” After all, 90-100% of humanitarian aid sent there is stolen by Hamas to support their terrorist efforts.

  • James Leamons says:

    Vandalizing someone’s home is a real good way to get shot. Just say’n…



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