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Prosecutor Entangled with Fani Willis Admits She Made Cash Reimbursement to Him for Vacations

Fulton County lead prosecutor Nathan Wade testified Thursday that District Attorney Fani Willis paid him back in cash for the trips that they took together while they were dating.

Willis hired Wade to help prosecute Fulton County’s 2020 election interference case being brought against former President Donald Trump and 18 other defendants.

Willis has been accused of personally benefiting financially from the high salary she gave him in the form of lavish personal trips they took together, such as to Belize; Napa Valley, California; and Aruba.

She said that they split expenses evenly on the trips.

The New York Post reported last month that Wade received $250 per hour, and the total payments to his law office in 2022 and 2023 totaled $653,880, according to Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA-TV.

Willis and Wade wrote in court filings that their romantic relationship did not begin until 2022, after Willis had hired Wade to serve as special prosecutor in November 2021.

However, Robin Yeartie, a former friend and employee of Fulton County, testified Thursday that the relationship began in 2019.

Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor in Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case, says his romantic relationship with Fulton County DA Fani Willis began “around March” 2022.

When Wade took the stand, he denied it.

Asked by defense lawyer Ashleigh Merchant, when his relationship with Willis began, Wade responded, “Early 2022 … around March.”

He further testified that he paid for all the vacations they took together on his business card, but Willis then paid him back for her portion of the trip.

When Merchant asked where he deposited the funds, Wade responded that she paid him in cash.

He further stated he did not deposit the money and thus had no bank records of the transactions, according to The Hill.

Merchant later asked Willis how she accessed cash to pay Wade, suggesting there would be bank records from ATM or other cash withdrawals.

Willis responded that she took it from her home.

“I always have cash at the house … all my life,” Willis said.

She later testified that she gave Wade cash only perhaps four times.

“Probably the most money I ever handed him was $2,500, the least amount of money I handed him was probably between $500 and $1,000 dollars,” Willis said.

Thursday’s hearing is to determine whether Willis and Wade should be disqualified from continuing on in the election interference case, given their alleged misconduct.

  • Desertrat38655 says:

    Lying their a$$es off

  • Pam R. says:

    Fan has no proof she paid Wade. He has no proof she paid him.

    He didn’t deposit the money in the bank, which means he was cheating his wife while he was overdrawing her account. He used his business card so he likely deducted it on his taxes even though he denied it.

    He contradicted direct testimony of when their relationship started which was well before she hired him and paid him way more than everybody else. And why is that when all their vacations started?

    Even if she paid him back she was still enriching herself by having a palled to go on vacation with that she paid for from her office. But the truth it is – they’ve both lied about the affair, so why would you believe anything else?

    As Trump said they’re hanging themselves. This judge cannot allow this woman to continue on this case nor prosecutor Wade.

  • Political Black Democrats are DEMONS from hell. Kill everyone of them says:

    Ever notice how many, mainly all DA’s Judges and prosecutors against Trump are filthy fkg NIGGERS? GA, and New York are your perfect Nigger judicial criminals. And all politically motivated Monkey practitioners. The Black Democrat Society should have been Genocided years ago.

  • TTL says:

    That fat cow is lying her ass off. Untraceable cash, lol. She actually thinks like a criminal because she is a criminal, lol…



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