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Pronoun Lockdown: Half of Millennials Want Jail Time for “Misgendering”

Almost half of millennials believe using the incorrect pronouns for a transgender person should be considered a criminal offense.

A survey, conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek suggested that among those aged between 25-34, 44 percent were in favor of the idea while just 31 percent disagreed.

The remaining 25 percent of those responding to the survey either expressed no clear opinion or simply stated that they didn’t know.

Those surveyed weren’t asked what punishment should be meted out to those who use the wrong pronouns.

Similar sentiments were found among those aged 35-44. In that group, 38 percent appeared to be in favor of criminalizing misgendering someone while 35 percent were against.

About one quarter – 26 percent – were either unsure or did not express an opinion.

Millennials are defined as those having been born between 1981 and 1996, making them between 27 and 42 years old today.

Generation Z includes those born between 1997 and 2012, who would now be aged between 11 and 26 years old.

The idea of criminalizing misgendering pronouns comes a several Republican-controlled states have passed laws banning certain medical procedures and treatments for minors.

Kentucky and Tennessee are among the 20 states, all with Republican-controlled legislatures, that have passed laws banning use of puberty blockers and hormones as part of gender transition for patients under 18.

Such treatments, known as gender-affirming care, are supported by major U.S. medical associations. But critics say those associations have been infiltrated by trans activists, and point to liberal European countries including Norway, which have banned treatments on transgender children that remain common in the US. Proponents of the bans say they are experimental and endanger children.

Families say the laws discriminate against transgender people and take away parents’ right to make medical decisions for their children.

Federal courts in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida and Indiana have blocked similar bans on transgender healthcare for minors.

The issue has also come to the fore through the likes of 26-year-old trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney who has been at the center of a scandal this year – having caused a storm of outrage after partnering with Bud Light in April, subsequently knocking billions off the value of the beer company.

The views of millennials differ when compared to those of Americans as a whole.

Among the general population, the survey which was conducted along 1,500 people, only 19 percent support misgendering being criminalized while 65 percent are against such laws being created.

A remaining 12 percent have no opinion either way, while 4 percent ‘dont knowo.

Among Generation Z Americans aged 18-24, there appears to be less enthusiasm to make misgendering a criminal charge.

In that group, 33 percent believe that calling someone by the wrong pronoun should be a criminal offense, while 48 percent disagree.

In terms of people’s behavior, 37 percent said they would respect the wishes of the transgender person and use the pronouns as requested to do so. 17 percent said they would ignore such requests.

A further 28 percent said their response would depend on the individual involved while another 17 percent were unsure.

  • Natalie Lucio says:

    Leave trump alone.

  • Jane Rane says:

    What a generation…. thin skin, dark heart, big mouth made for whine only. A worthless concoction.

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