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Project Veritas Issues Statement Amid Reports of James O’Keefe Being Ousted

Project Veritas released a statement on Wednesday after it was reported founder and face of the undercover outlet James O’Keefe was put on paid leave while the board of directors are deciding whether to remove him from his position.

The upcoming decision stems from anonymous allegations about O’Keefe’s management style, which include berating employees and eating a sandwich that belonged to a pregnant woman.

The company’s statement did not mention O’Keefe specifically but said “the board of directors and management are constantly evaluating what the best path forward is for the organization. The board and management are continuing this internal evaluation to ensure our long term success. Project Veritas will never stop and we will never let our our supporters down.”

Many of the comments on Project Veritas’ statement voiced their opposition to having O’Keefe be removed from the company.

A thread from the founder of Old Row claimed, citing a source within the outlet, that what is happening to O’Keefe is nothing short of a hostile takeover attempt from two members of the board over weak allegations of misconduct.

“According to my source, this situation has allowed to 2 alleged ringleaders of this attempt to push James out to have significant sway over the others despite their reasons to be essentially meritless,” Swig tweeted. “Board members and C Suite officers involved in this according to my source are as follows: Board members: Matt Tyrmand – (Ringleader) John Garvey, George Skakel, Joseph Barton (not the congressman), Steve Alembik CFO: Tom O’Hara COO: Barry Hinckley (Ringleader pronouns in bio).”

  • RanMan says:

    Did Rush Limbaugh have a board?? Big mistake James.

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