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Pro-Trump Lawyer Arrested on Charges Related to Dominion Voting Machines

A pro-Trump attorney who pushed back against the results of the 2020 presidential election was arrested Monday in Washington on a bench warrant from Michigan.

The warrant for attorney Stefanie Lambert was issued after she failed to appear for a hearing on four election-related felony charges against her, according to The Detroit News.

Lambert was in Washington for a Monday hearing where she is representing Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock, in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by Dominion Voting Systems.

After the hearing ended, U.S. marshals entered, and the doors to the hearing room were locked. Lambert, who has pleaded not guilty to the Michigan charges against her, was then detained.

Metropolitan Police Officer Hugh Carew said she was being held as a fugitive from justice.

The charges brought against Lambert by special counsel D.J. Hilson in August include undue possession of a voting machine, according to the News.

She has been ordered to be fingerprinted but has resisted, contending that Hilson “wants to use her fingerprints to compare with evidence on the tabulators,” the outlet reported.

The attorney was supposed to attend a March 7 hearing on the issue but did not show up, leading to the bench warrant.

Daniel Hartman, the attorney defending Lambert against the Michigan charges, said her failure to appear “was not willful,” according to The Washington Post.

Hartman said she received “mixed messages” about the fingerprinting issue.

“To compound onto this entire tragedy, you have an arrest warrant that probably shouldn’t be issued,” he said.

On Monday, Lambert said she shared internal Dominion emails that were received through her status as Byrne’s lawyer.

Dominion wants her disqualified from the case for that.

“It has been nearly four years. When does it stop?” Davida Brook, an attorney for the company, said in court, according to the Post.

Brook said Dominion has filed lawsuits “to stop the lies, to end the threats of violence.”

She accused Lambert of “using these very lawsuits … to spread yet more lies and do yet more harm,” sparking new threats against Dominion and its employees.

“From social media calls to lynch Dominion personnel to a man armed with a rifle who came to their offices, Dominion’s employees have directly suffered the consequences of the lies spread by Byrne and his fellow defendants,” Dominion’s lawyers wrote about Lambert and Byrne in court papers, according to the News.

“They now fear further threats due to conduct of his counsel done at his direction,” the attorneys said.

As noted by CNN, Lambert shared the Dominion documents with Barry County, Michigan, Sheriff Dar Leaf, who posted more than 2,000 of them on X.

The report said Lambert, Leaf and Byrne argue the documents they are sharing provide proof that Serbian nationals interfered in the 2020 election — a claim Dominion rejects.

  • me me m e says:

    i’m tellin ya, they looking for a civil war….won’t stop till they get one….this is B.U.L.L.S..H.I.T

  • Fukdems says:

    I hate to burst every working person’s bubble. But the richest of the rich is killing off every working Groupe of honest people. The want this plant to be ruled by them and them alone.



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