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Pro-Palestinian Mob Attacks Jews, Journalists in Bloody Riot Outside LA Synagogue

On Sunday, a California synagogue was targeted during a violent pro-Palestinian demonstration that turned into a bloody riot. Rioters assaulted journalists, deployed chemical sprays, prevented Jews from entering their house of worship, and brutally beat multiple Israel supporters outside the synagogue. At least one was left bloodied, video footage shows.

Violent clashes occurred outside the Adas Torah Synagogue in Los Angeles around 1:40 pm. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators surrounded the house of worship and called for a bloody revolution.

Jews formed a line in front of the synagogue to protect it, and the LAPD was forced to deploy crowd control munitions to deter the unruly ceasefire agitators, according to video footage.

Multiple brawls broke out between the groups as the pro-Palestinian mob prevented Jews from entering the synagogue. At least one pro-Israel supporter was beaten by the pro-Palestinian mob. He was pummeled to the ground outside the synagogue and was left bloodied, video footage shows.

The mob also attacked independent videographer Cam Higby of Today is America. He was filming the protest when a male suspect wearing a keffiyeh scarf deployed bear mace in his face, according to video footage.

Violent clashes between the two groups continued, which prompted LAPD riot police to deploy mace against the pro-Palestinian rioters to deter the mob.

This situation remains ongoing and the LAPD has not yet released a statement. It’s unclear if any arrests were made. This comes after Hamas recently rejected a ceasefire agreement proposed by the United States. The conflict in the Middle East began on Oct. 7 after the Palestinian Hamas terror group massacred more than one thousand Israelis in a terrorist attack that killed children, women, men, and servicemembers.

  • JB says:

    California. Where chaos prevails.

  • Dorothy says:

    This should never be allowed to happen in our so=called country. These Hamas backers should be thrown in jail. How dare they attack a place of worship. Sick of these loonies doing this daily. Where is gruesome, Newsom.

  • MK says:

    Hmmm, I wonder how the DOJ would react if these were a bunch of white guys targeting an African American church and blocked those worshipers from entering?



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