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President of El Salvador Showcases Brutal Solution to MS-13 Gangs: ‘This Will Be Their New House’

President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador isn’t playing around when it comes to gang violence.

On Friday, Bukele showcased a new prison intended for hardened gang members in a video shared on his official Twitter account.

The video detailed a law enforcement operation in which 2,000 detainees were transferred from other jails and prisons to El Salvador’s Center for the Confinement of Terrorism, a new facility intended to house gang members.

The prisoners — many of them tattooed with gang imagery — were made to shuffle in an exposed state in handcuffs as they were led to their new residence in the video.

“Today at dawn, in a single operation, we transferred the first 2,000 gang members to the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism (CECOT),” began the tweet, according to a Google translation.

“This will be their new house, where they will live for decades, mixed up, unable to do any more harm to the population.”

The prison is slated for an eventual capacity of 40,000 inmates, according to Insider.

If the prison proves capable of holding its intended capacity, it’d be the most populous penal facility in the world, dwarfing the current record-holder of Silivri Penitentiaries Campus in Turkey.

One image shared by Salvadorian politician Mauricio Ortiz showed the volume of detainees held in the country’s prisons, although it’s not clear if the image was taken at the new facility.

Some inmates in the video even bear tattoos advertising their affiliation with MS-13, one of the most bloodthirsty and dangerous drug smuggling organizations in the Americas.

More footage from El Salvador’s prison show conditions that would break the will of even the most savage organized criminal.

The Central American nation has long struggled with the scourge of organized crime and gun violence.

Bukele’s tough-on-crime approach has caused the nation’s homicide rate drop considerably, however.

Homicides decreased by 56.8 percent in 2022, according to Reuters.

The Center for the Confinement of Terrorism opened earlier this year in connection with Bukele’s plans to crack down on the country’s crime epidemic, according to the Los Angeles Times.

  • John says:

    We need to hire the El Salvadorian government to come here and teach these saggy pants butt monkeys Democrat Satan worshiping criminal coddling pedophile loving demons on how to run a prison system, and definitely bring back more and much quicker death sentences and means of execution, then put these pedophile politicians on both sides the Isles in our new prison systems trained by El Salvadorian guards and finally give our own corrupted communist anti-constitutional corrupted agencies and political demonic pigs their proper Justice, for releasing these same kind of demons on a law-abiding peaceful taxpaying society who pays these corrupted Democrat and Rino demonic pigs to do their job to keep good people safe and hasn’t been capable, willing, or educated enough to properly handle criminals like themselves for over 200 years

  • Crash says:

    Now THAT’S what we should be doing here…true punishment

  • WapitiHunter says:

    They get off too light! They should be shot down as the dogs that they are. Locking them up and turning them loose again does no good!



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