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Pope Francis Taken to Hospital After Canceling Multiple Events in Recent Days

Pope Francis went to a Rome hospital following his general audience on Wednesday.

The pope, who has been suffering from the flu, had a CT scan, Reuters reported, citing two sources it did not name.

Francis also underwent a CT scan in November while battling the flu, Reuters reported.

The 87-year-old pontiff arrived at Gemelli Hospital on Tiber Island and left after a short visit, according to NBC.

“After the general audience, Pope Francis went to the Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital for some diagnostic tests. At the end he returned to the Vatican,” the Vatican said in a statement, according to NBC.

Earlier, he had skipped a reading during his weekly Wednesday audience, to which he arrived in a wheelchair.

“Dear brothers and sisters, I still have a bit of a cold,” Francis said, according to Reuters.

At the end of the audience, the pope spoke to some of those in attendance, with Reuters describing his voice as hoarse and reported that the pope coughed.

NBC noted that the pope had canceled his Sunday and Monday appointments, although on Sunday he did appear at a window looking out on St. Peter’s Square to offer a blessing to those below.

The pope has had multiple health complications in recent years, including a bout of bronchitis in April that sent him to the hospital for three days.

In 2021, he underwent intestinal surgery.

Francis has said that he is not opposed to the concept of stepping down from the papacy if his health worsens.

In 2013, his predecessor, Pope Benedict, became the first pope to resign from the post since 1415 and only the fourth to do so in the 2,000-year history of the church.

Benedict died in 2022.

Francis has said he would resign if it seemed what he ought to do, according to the U.K. Telegraph, which cited an interview with Mexican television.

Francis is scheduled to meet German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday, according to ABC.

  • DeniseRS says:

    This Demon has to go. No more Satan worshipper.

  • Sadie says:

    Hmmm, he’s a heretic and should be trembling and quaking in his shoes! He’s closer to death than he is to living.

  • Threelies One says:

    It’s time for his face to face meeting with God.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    His departure would be the best thing to happen to Christianity in a long while. They desperately need to do a course correct. NO ONE wants to attend Mass anymore, when it was revealed that the Church/Vatican had been aware of all the pedophilia and attacks on children by Priests and that they just shuffled them around once 2-3 vocal parents complained. They never FIXED the issue; just made it difficult for normal people to track down where the child rapist was now located. 3 Counties in PA spent 5 years investigating the Catholic Diocese and when they released their findings just of Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh the list of Offenders was in the THOUSANDS and included Catholic School Teachers to Priest and everyone in between – they ALL knew and did NOTHING to help 60+ yrs worth of sexually abused children. This current Pope is dear friends with Joe Biden – need I say more?

    They lost an enormous population of children that were dragged to Church, up until about the 80’s and then once age 18 and of sound mind….We never looked back at that confusing organization of SICKNESS….who preyed on children and begged for money every day of the week. My Mother was an Eucharistic Minister and when young we were actively involved; until you become a teenager and Father Marchikonis began to make your skin crawl and the hair stand up on the back of your neck, for the first time in your life. I see the SAME look – at ALL children that are ever in front of Joe Biden for photographs, how he fondles their hair, how he carefully places his hand on their sternum about 1.5″ from their prepubescent breast buds.

    Most adult women can see the behavior of Joe Biden and it resonates with a moment in time where they FELT “off” by an adult male of power, authority, told to give respect to them as it was mandatory, etc. If a grown lady cannot see the LOOK in those children’s eyes, with Joe’s hands on them, for a photograph then they should seek help.

    This Pope sold his soul to Satan, he was power hungry and wanted to rise to the highest position possible. He WAS willing to do whatever was necessary. All of the morals, values, standards and behavior we were taught in the Bible, the Ten Commandments, etc were gradually erased by the Pope(s) for the last 30+ years.

    To see 15million illegals wrapped in blankets that read “Catholic Charities” infuriates me -No Salvation Army – No Red Cross, hmm. The Catholic Charities are taking Government $ to do things that are illegal and most certainly against The Ten Commandments. The Catholic Charity has put all of it’s Mission Statement and Goals aside to earn money hand over fist doing unspeakable things at our Border and then as they transport illegals and illegal children throughout the Lower 48 States. I have no hesitation in stating that the multiple thousands of missing illegal children have been divided up in a very organized way; to satisfy the Pedophiles in the Church/Vatican setting – to satisfy and be sold to the elite for sacrifice for the adrenochrome – to sell for parts to wealthy parents that have a child who needs an organ transplant and doesn’t want to die waiting on a list – being “adopted” out to two men who were turned down at every Agency for surrogacy or Adoption due to their criminal past and past history of “abuse” are lucrative for the Church & Biden’s – sold into Sex Trafficking and those that are left over from a batch that no one else selected are sold as indentured workers, family slave and the Catholic Charities are making Billions “handling” the dissemination and distribution of 300,000 missing children just from 2023 illegals.

    Father Almighty, release Pope Francis from his earthly body and move him along to his next phase in life. Father, please look into all of the hearts and minds of those that would be best to take over that role and make sure HE is ascended into his rightful place to once again REVIVE the Christian Faith and grow the numbers of NEW followers and permit followers that vacated for good reasons the chance to return w/o penalty. In Jesus’ name we pray.

    “O God, who guides and sustains Your Church, We humbly come before You in prayer. As the Vatican seeks a new shepherd, We ask for Your divine wisdom and grace.

    Bless the conclave with discernment, May the Holy Spirit guide their hearts. In this sacred process of choosing, May they find a Pope who’ll lead with love.

    Grant strength to the Cardinals gathered, As they deliberate and seek Your will. May their choice be inspired by heaven, A faithful servant to uphold the faith still.

    We entrust this moment to Your providence, Knowing that You watch over Your Church. May the new Pope be a beacon of hope, Guiding us toward Your eternal light. Amen.”

  • Me says:

    Frances’ newly constructed VAGINA is acting up… There goes that first FEMALE POPE title!



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