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Pope Francis Resigning? Catholics Wait with Bated Breath as Rumors Swirl

The world’s attention is descending on Vatican City as rumors swirl Pope Francis is readying to resign.

Resignation rumors are gaining traction in the wake of a series of unusual activities by the 85-year-old leader of the Catholic Church, according to a report.

Francis, who has been confined to a wheelchair due to crippling knee pain, canceled a scheduled trip to Africa, the report noted.

He has also supposedly called for a meeting of cardinals, which the Washington Examiner is unable to confirm.

It is this highly unusual meeting that is fueling the resignation rumors, the report noted.

“Inside the Vatican, moments ago, we saw a ton of cardinals, which our guide tells us is highly unusual,” Megyn Kelly, who is in Vatican City, posted to social media.

“That’s not normal, and, moments earlier, when we were in the Sistine Chapel, a priest or a bishop, we’re unclear, came in and gave us a blessing,” she said. “Also highly unusual. What was he doing there? Why was he doing that? What did he know?”

Ranking members of the clergy are expected to be in Rome this week for the Tenth World Meeting of Families, which is set to begin Wednesday.

Francis assumed his role in 2013 following the resignation of then-Pope Benedict XVI.

Resignations are a rarity for the papacy, but when addressing his knee pain in the past, Francis has said, “Rather than operate, I’ll resign,” according to the report.

  • Sylvia says:

    Good thing he’s resigning, he had no business in sticking his nose into many things a pope has no business in giving his opinion on or about. His job is to be impartial not the way he was spouting off with things that didn’t concern him. He should have been more concerned how the priests abused nuns, and boys and did something about it rather they cover it up with the rest of the popes before him!

  • Pattie Kelly says:

    When Pope Francis became Pope I was hesitant. The statement he made I couldn’t believe a Pope could say this plus a gift he gave a lady in the Vatican. When he became Pope he made a statement to “not spend so much time on abortion and spend more time in the Green Deal” Plus he gave a woman an an awarded that had an abortion. Those two things turned me against Pope Francis. I will not waiver.

  • Glenn Lego says:

    Francis is only the leader of the New Order Modernist church, not the Church that was founded by the Son of God . I

  • Angela says:

    I hope it’s sooner rather than later that this socialist garbage gets out of office. Telling American we shouldn’t enforce our Southern border while living in very high walled, enclosed country unto itself, Vatican City, with its Own ARMY guarding said walls. He’s a hypocrite.

  • Archie says:

    Lordy, His face would back a bulldog off a warm bucket of guts! Got to be a troll of some kind…. he should see an exorcist!

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