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Pollster Frank Luntz Reveals Stunning Swing-State Shift Away from Biden After Debate

Following the historic debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, renowned pollster Frank Luntz reported a significant shift in voter sentiment among undecided swing-state residents. The debate, aired on CNN, marked the first time a sitting president and his predecessor squared off, offering a unique spectacle that captivated the nation.

According to Luntz, the majority of his focus group, comprised of undecided voters from critical swing states, tilted overwhelmingly toward Trump after the debate.

“In my entire professional career, I’ve done 32 debates. Never has someone performed [like Biden last night]. And I was very upset with Donald Trump in 2020. I have never seen a performance like I saw last night,” said Luntz.

“We’ve never had that before. We are truly in uncharted territory. And what blew me away the most was that Joe Biden voters in 2020 don’t want him on the ticket in 2024. What is the reaction you had [from] 14 swing voters from these states? All undecided, all voting Republican and Democrat back and forth over the last 10 years. And boy, did they swing,” Luntz added.

One participant from the focus group remarked, “He does not have the leadership qualities to survive for the next four years. I don’t even know how he’s going to survive the next few months. They need a candidate that could beat Trump.” Another member reflected on their past support for Biden, stating, “I just think if the Democrats want to have a chance at putting someone in the White House, they need to put someone else up.”


“I think in 2020, Biden was a safe option that was relatively non-harmful to replace Trump,” another said. “And frankly, I didn’t think it reflected these same cognitive issues that we see tonight on the campaign. Yeah, it was a little dry, but it was definitely not to the same extent. I think tonight, I’m not sure how he functions during an eight-hour workday, let alone an eight-plus-hour workday.”

The reaction from the focus group was a telling moment in Biden’s campaign, as voices within the Democratic Party began to question whether he should lead the ticket in the next election. Biden, at 81, appeared visibly challenged throughout the debate, struggling with vocal clarity and consistency.

The debate and its aftermath could prove to be a critical juncture for the Democratic Party. In 2020, Biden was viewed as a safe, stabilizing choice over Trump, but the recent visibility of his cognitive struggles has stirred doubts among previously supportive voters.

67% of registered voters who tuned in to Thursday’s face-off between Biden and Trump believe Trump delivered the superior performance, a CNN flash poll by SSRS revealed. This marked a shift from expectations set before the debate, where 55% anticipated Trump would outshine Biden, who only garnered 45% of pre-debate confidence.

The debate has triggered a crisis within the Democratic Party. With party rules making it nearly impossible to replace a nominee at this stage without the candidate’s withdrawal, last night exposed the precarious position of the Democrats as they head into a critical election cycle. As the fallout from the debate continues to unfold, the party faces tough decisions about its strategy and leadership moving forward. With swing-state voters shifting allegiance after the debate, the pressure intensifies to reassess not just campaign tactics but also the viability of its presidential nominee.

  • CH says:

    Joe MUST remain the candidate if Trump is going to win the election. If the democrats put up another candidate, it doesn’t matter who, the democrats will gladly vote for that person and breathe a sigh of relief they didn’t t feel forced to vote for Trump or Kennedy. Of course, joe could have taken a dump in front of the podium and there would still be people would still vote for him. I’m hoping the democrats don’t convince joe to step aside, but I fear they will find a way to get rid of him.

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    I do not believe biden was ever in charge of the whitehouse. I think every bit of the legislation and executive orders he has pushed thru was created by his millennial and gen z filled administration. Everything that has been pushed clearly shows that who ever dreamed it up clearly had no experience at doing anything and not a drop of common sense.



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