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Poll Shows Joe Biden Beat by Cabinet Member in Key Primary State

A poll out of New Hampshire, the first primary state, shows bad news for President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts. According to the Granite State Poll from the University of Hampshire released on Tuesday, Biden enjoys 16 percent support from Democrats there and is just narrowly beat out by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg at 17 percent.

Buttigieg has the highest favorability numbers among potential nominees as well, at 35 percent, though 43 percent of respondents still have unfavorable views. Biden fares even worse in this metric. His favorability numbers are a mere 22 percent, while 59 percent have an unfavorable view.

The poll also reflects record lows for Biden in the number of Democrats who say they want him to run again, which is down to just 31 percent, a steep drop from the 54 percent in June. Last July, that number was 74 percent of Democrats. Overall, just 20 percent of respondents want Biden to run again.

A majority of respondents, at 54 percent, said “definitely not” when asked if they wanted Biden to run again.

Andrew Smith, director of the UNH Survey Center, is quoted in the poll write-up as saying, “President Biden is increasingly seen as an electoral liability for Democrats, both in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election.”

The poll also highlighted how respondents feel about Biden’s age, with 78 percent of respondents saying they are “somewhat concerned” or “very concerned” with his age, with 50 percent saying they are “very concerned.” A majority of Democrats, at 54 percent, say they are “somewhat concerned,” with 27 percent saying they are “very concerned.”

The Granite State has not been too kind to Biden in the past. In the Democratic presidential primary for 2020, Biden came in fifth place, while Sen. Bernie Sanders of nearby Vermont came in first, and Buttigieg came in a close second.

In this poll, though, Sanders only enjoys 8 percent support. He’s beat out by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) with her 9 percent support, as well as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who each have 10 percent support. Vice President Kamala Harris has just 6 percent support.

The poll was conducted July 21-July 25, with 1,043 Granite State Panel members, including 430 Likely 2024 Democratic Primary voters, for which the margin of error was plus or minus 4.7 percentage points. Overall, the margin of error was three percentage points.

Even typically friendly mainstream media outlets have not shied away from discussing who else would be the Democratic nominee in 2024, if it’s not Biden, despite the president indicating multiple times he plans to run for re-election. Buttigieg has been featured prominently in such discussions and at the top of such lists of potential candidates.

“Buttigieg” is trending as a result on Twitter on Tuesday.

  • RM says:

    Buttegieg is incapable of running the transportion secretary office of this country then how is he able to run the office of president this is a joke he has stupid written all over him.



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