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Poll: Brian Kemp Leads Stacey Abrams by 7-Points in GA Gov. Race

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has maintained his solid lead over Democrat challenger Stacey Abrams — with the latest poll putting him seven points ahead.

Surveying 1,022 likely Georgia voters between October 16-27, the new poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and UGA showed Brian Kemp leading Abrams 51 percent to 44 percent while Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel has just two percent support with another 2.5 percent remaining undecided.

Among black voters, the poll showed that Abrams has cut into Kemp’s lead with 87 percent support while Kemp leads among male voters and white voters.

Brian Kemp has repeatedly led Abrams in the polls, putting her on a path to potentially lose by even more votes than she did in 2018.

Kemp also had a solid performance at the second debate on Sunday night, routinely hammering Abrams for her extremism on abortion, crime, and voting reform.

“Miss Abrams has said that she wants to Defund the Police,” Kemp said on Sunday night.

“She wants to eliminate cash bail and have get-out-of-jail-free cards. She continues to serve on the boards of organizations like the Margurite Casey Foundation that actually raises money and gives grants to organizations that support the Defund the Police movement.”

As she did during the last debate, Stacey Abrams refused to support any restrictions on abortions, putting her at odds with Georgia voters, most of whom support some restrictions.

“Abortion is a medical choice. As such, a woman should have the ability to make a decision until viability,” she said when asked about restrictions. “That decision about viability should not impact her life or her health. That is a decision that should be made between a doctor and a woman.”

When the debate segued into Georgia’s voter integrity law, which Abrams and President Biden previously referred to as “Jim Crow 2.0,” Kemp hammered his opponent for pressuring the MLB to move its All-Stars game from the city of Atlanta.

  • Milton Wiseman says:

    Voting for a person based on the color of their skin is insane. But low information voters continue to do it, despite the damage these people have done to all AMERICANS. Some people will never learn.

  • TONY says:

    polls mean nothing when you cheat..have we learned nothing from the 2020 election crap that went on in GA and then in jan or 2021 in the speacial election where wharlock won…we all went to bed with him trailing 45% to 55% for the gop but yet at 230 am some 150k in votes showed up for him o win…

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