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Politico Suddenly Warns ‘Voting Machines Can Be Hacked’

Aw, you hate to see it. The Beltway’s favorite left-wing propaganda outlet is dabbling in some “election denying” by wondering if certain voting machines can be trusted in Tuesday’s elections.

If you’re confused by this warning, having previously been admonished by the Democratic Party and their all-too-eager media allies that anybody who dares question the integrity of a U.S. election is a fascist and a threat to democracy, it’s understandable. But please, try to keep up.

“The 2020 presidential election was rife with allegations of voting machine hacks that were later debunked,” Politico tweeted Monday. But “there are real risks that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday’s vote.”

These vulnerabilities only seem to show themselves whenever Democrats lose, or are about to lose, an election. Reporter Eric Geller asserts in the story that these problems exist in 2022 and were concerning in previous elections, yet magically were not present in 2020.

Geller noted that attacks on the midterm elections could come from misinformation and hacks of social media accounts, voter registrations, and even campaign websites. He also added that the use of internet modems to transmit voter data could be targeted by nefarious actors who then manipulate vote tallies.

“At least seven states and Washington, D.C., use wireless modems to transmit unofficial election-night results to their central offices,” Geller wrote. “These modems use telecommunications networks that are vulnerable to hackers, and malicious actors could exploit them to tamper with unofficial vote data, corrupt voting machines or compromise the computers used to tally official results.”

Of course, these concerns have been around for quite some time.

Prior to the 2018 election, HBO even released a documentary titled “Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections,” purporting to show multiple ways a third party could access or change voting data.

So in other words, it seems okay to raise concerns about any election except 2020.

As The Heritage Foundation’s John Cooper put it, the American political press is basically saying, “Fraud wasn’t a problem when our side won, but now that we’re about to get hammered, it totally is!”

In reaction, Sean Davis of The Federalist also tweeted, “Weird how election hacking and security are only real issues when Democrats are about to lose.”

The brazenness of legacy media is laughable at this point, but they don’t seem to be in on the joke.

As evidenced by the quick reactions on Twitter and polls showing that the majority of Americans believe “mainstream media” is a threat to democracy, it is obvious these outlets no longer have the sway they once did on the country.

That is a good thing.

  • ron says:

    PS: We asked and asked, to get rid of the machines, and NO internet uses. So, IF the machines CAN be hacked, Why didnt some areas Keep the machines in place ??? THEY need to explain this. Anyone Really interested in an Honest Election would not have kept the machines.

  • Brighteyes says:

    their pointing it out because they fully intend to contest if they dont win you watch!

  • Geoff Kaye says:

    I read your artilcle with interest, the significant word, in terms of hacking the voter machines is, ‘could’, not ‘have’, but the the article seems to treat it as fact that it has happened, this is despite the myriad investigations, by both sides of politics, that found the election secure. Did you investigate the measures taken by the voting machine companies to ensure their integrity, no, or at least you don’t report this.

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