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Police Release Photos of Student Who Plotted Mass Shooting Attack at Christian High School

California police released photographs of a 18-year-old student who allegedly plotted a mass shooting attack at a Christian high school but was thwarted by a tip from another student.

The photographs showed Sebastian Bailey Villaseñor posing with several weapons in a bathroom.

Police said they were tipped off about his possible plot to attack other students at the Ontario Christian High School on Thursday. By Saturday, they arrested him and found 1,000 rounds of ammunition as well as seven rifles, two revolvers, one handgun, and one shotgun at his home.

Villaseñor was charged with five counts of attempted murder and one count of attempted criminal threats.

Prosecutors said that they believed he was plotting to kill specific students at the school, four girls and one boy.

They said they had evidence that Villaseñor had mapped out the distance to the school from police in order to estimate their response time.

Police said in a media briefing that Villaseñor was obsessed with other school shooters.

On Thursday, a judge ruled against bail for the student.

“The defendant in this case poses a great danger to the community,” said Supervising Deputy District Attorney Joe Gaetano to the judge. “The victims are all minors. They would be put in great danger. The danger would exist outside of school to several groups.”

Police Chief Michael Lorenz told reporters that the weapons and ammunition they found at the boy’s home legally belonged to his father. A spokesperson for the district attorney said the father was not being investigated for committing a crime.

“He researched tactical supplies and was in the process of choosing a specific date to carry out the school shooting,” Lorenz claimed.

Police praised the student tipster as a hero.

“That student saved lives, spared families from losing their children and a community from being devastated from a senseless act of violence,” they said in a statement.

Here’s a news report about the incident:

  • Richard Mundy says:

    I’d say we have stupid parents who don’t teach their children that playing with daddy guns is a no-no or have not purchased a gun safe or to keep their juvenile son from acting like a moron.

  • Walter Jones says:

    America’s culture of death i.e. frivolous abortions works on the subconscious of people like this. Got a problem, then destroy it no mater how. A godless immoral nation will not survive.



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