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Police Press Release About ‘Woman’ Jailed for Various Offenses Fails to Mention Key Fact

Over in the U.K., a West Yorkshire police press release discusses a 54-year-old “woman” who has been jailed in connection with various offenses — but the release, which consistently uses female pronouns to refer to the “woman,” never once mentions that the individual, who can clearly be seen sporting facial stubble in a photo, is actually a biological man.

“A woman has been jailed for nine years with an additional three years on licence, after pleading guilty to six offences including false imprisonment, assault, and robbery,” the release states.

“Zara Jade, 54, was sentenced today at Bradford Crown Court following the offences committed in August last year. The court heard how she stabbed her partner with a small knife and falsely imprisoned her whilst demanding her pin number before leaving her restrained to go to the cash machine to withdraw money out.”

A BBC piece describes Jade as a “transgender woman” and notes that Jade will serve time in a male prison.

But a BBC Yorkshire tweet linking to the story raised eyebrows on social media: “Zara Jade: Halifax woman jailed after stabbing and tying up victim,” the tweet read while a photo of the individual clearly reveals a long-haired man with stubble.

“I’m heartened by the ratio on this. Ordinary people are speaking out about this trans madness,” Martin Daubney tweeted. “A media who calls a bloke a woman – especially a violent, criminal bloke – is part of the problem. It shows they place feelings above facts – which is anathema to journalism.”

In 2022, the Toronto Police Service in Canada posted about a “missing woman” with a beard, writing, “Isobella Degrace, 27, was last seen on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 3 a.m., in the Ryerson Avenue and Bathurst Street area. She is described as 5’10″, with a thin build, shaggy blonde hair, and a full goatee.”

  • mds says:

    What would the world be like it there were only liberals?

  • Russian says:

    That with long hair Looks like the illustration in Lombroso’s book “Criminal Man”.

  • Marlene says:

    Clearly, it’s a man.

  • John says:

    Would you expect any less from a satanic Euro trash demonic communist government and Country that’s just as bad as this Western demonic Democrat luciferian government of Satan worshipers, people around the globe need to pray to God our creator that he returns to earth sooner then prophesized & his the hand of God wipes these demons & their demonic existence before they destroy any more innocent children or commit any more demonic crimes

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