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Police in Riot Gear Arrive at Supreme Court as Crowd Grows and Is Spurred on by AOC

As police in riot gear moved to avert violence outside the Supreme Court Friday, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York joined the crowd in calling the court decision that overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling “illegitimate.”

Ocasio-Cortez waded into the crowd of abortion supporters Friday morning after the court issued a 6-3 ruling that upheld a Mississippi law curbing the availability of abortion.

Speaking through a public address system to protesters, Ocasio-Cortez called for abortion’s supporters to get “into the streets.”


In an interview, Ocasio-Cortez took aim at the court for not deciding as she had wished.

“Not only should we look at expanding the Supreme Court, but I think we need to acknowledge that the Supreme Court of the United States has very few checks and balances,” she said.

She said the court “chose to endanger the lives of all women and all birthing people in this country … they’ve chosen to strip rights from men too.”

Ocasio-Cortez refused to acknowledge a question about condemning any violence by pro-abortion protesters that might follow the ruling.

Police were summoned to hold tempers in check as jubilant pro-life supporters marched in front of the court, as did enraged abortion advocates.

As of early afternoon, no injuries had been reported in the protests.

Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a statement deploring the ruling, according to CNN.

“The Supreme Court has eliminated an established right that has been an essential component of women’s liberty for half a century — a right that has safeguarded women’s ability to participate fully and equally in society. And in renouncing this fundamental right, which it had repeatedly recognized and reaffirmed, the Court has upended the doctrine of stare decisis, a key pillar of the rule of law,” the statement said.

  • AOCs Mom says:

    to think I could have aborted her and I missed my opportunity. and we would all be in a better place for losing the aoc existence experience in our society. She was a terrible kid.. the only one I have ever seen that could look like a wet rat in the middle of a desert.. i know shes mine.. but just saying.. but then as she grew.. we knew we have fucked the whole world.. what a little entitled bitch. Dumber than a bag of petrified dog shit. Sorry everyone… sorry about not aborting her while I had the chance. Please dont hold it against me.. I was only trying to do what was morally right.

  • emma says:

    AOC should be arrested and jailed with no bail or bond! She is inciting a riot with violence and destruction on the home of a Supreme Court Justice! That as a Representative should be punishable by jail and the loss of her position in government and never to be able to serve in a government ever again!

  • RM says:

    This woman took an oath when she was sworn in as a repersentive of the United States of American I believe she has violated her oath and should be charged with crime of some sort. These action should not be allowed while in office this is a form of inciting a riot!



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