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Photo of Biden in Rain Goes Viral – People Can’t Even Tell If It’s Real

It’s a question America finds itself asking far too often: Is President Joe Biden OK?

In fact, there are so many reasons to ask this question that you almost have to demarcate the genre of predicament that raised the question in the first place. Is it just a general, existential concern for the well-being of a man who rarely seems well? Or did he make a specific verbal gaffe that no person not in the throes of dramatically diminishing returns would utter? (“Let me start with two words: Made in America!”)

Did he tell a lie of such dramatic proportions that it makes you wonder whether he still knows what reality is? Did he slur his words so badly that you couldn’t even tell whether it was a lie? Or was the issue physical? Did he fall off of a bike or stairs — again?

This time, the concern seems to be those tricky ol’ stairs. Conservative blogger Amy Moreno noticed an unusual photograph of the president in the rain that she said popped up “online w/no context – did this klutzy cadaver fall again?”

It certainly looks that way:

This might be the weirdest Biden fall yet — so weird that, if Elon Musk weren’t in charge, the White House might be asking Twitter to censor the picture of the octogenarian president.

Moreno wasn’t the only one who was concerned about the president from the photo.

“WTF is happening here?” Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson tweeted, following it up with: “I promise this is not AI.”

Conservative social media crypto pundit Matt Wallace said Biden was “doing the debt dance to summon congress to allow him to go even more into debt than the 11 trillion he has already recklessly added.”

Johnson wasn’t the only one who was in disbelief that this was a real photograph:

Meanwhile, former Donald Trump attorney Jenna Ellis invited Twitter users to caption the photo, which led to this little ditty:

Which also may not be far from the truth, as one user noted with a fake CNN chyron:

To be fair, while the memes have come like a Barack Obama gun-walking operation gone bad — which is to say, fast and furious — there doesn’t necessarily seem to be an explanation as to where this photograph came from.

It is clear that earlier this week, Biden visited Los Angeles, which was experiencing bad weather at the time: “At 5:30 p.m. Air Force One took off into a foggy, rainy LA sky; on Wednesday, Biden will tackle lower prescription drug costs on his final tour stop,” the Orange County Register reported.

Whatever the case, this isn’t the first time it’s looked like the president has met his match with a staircase. Usually, it seems to involve Air Force One, however:

Did it involve the presidential 747 this time? Who knows? Perhaps more importantly, who cares?

For all we know, this was a single shot that, taken out of context, makes the president appear to be falling. The mere fact we’re asking if he’s OK, however, has to do with a larger body of evidence that goes beyond the staircase of Air Force One — or even whether he’s physically coordinated.

Let’s say this was all happening during the carefree days of the mid-90s, where the dot-com boom was sending the stock market to record highs, Osama bin Laden was just a crazy guy in a cave and our major geopolitical enemy was Iraq, a decimated country whose independence was so heavily qualified by U.N. sanctions and no-fly zones that Saddam Hussein hardly seemed worth bothering with. Even in those heady, carefree times, a president exhibiting this kind of enfeebling decay would be worrisome.

In 2023, the economy is in tatters thanks to pandemic lockdowns and inflation, the latter of which this president seems to have no real solution for. Russia, which has been threatening to embark on a campaign of mass irredentism to retake territory lost in the breakup of the former Soviet Union, has begun the offensive with an invasion of Ukraine; the best outcome of that war for us, unfortunately, seems to be a stalemate in which fighting Russian aggression creates a money pit for Washington and its NATO allies. China has designs on Taiwan and successfully traversed most of the continental United States with a spy balloon. American debt is growing; U.S. energy production is shrinking.

We can’t be asking if the president is OK over and over again. There fact we have to wonder so often, for so many reasons, should be a sign things are very, very wrong.

  • Breadwoman says:

    Everything just gets crazier by the day. There’s NO WAY the Press would have tolerated even a MOMENT of this from any other President! Remember how they ridiculed Pres. Bush because he vomited at a State Dinner with the Chinese Official in China??? They would NEVER let it go! Still haven’t! And that was just ONE THING! ONE TIME! And now they’re just ‘mum’ about EVERYTHING BIDEN!!! It’s not right.

  • JJ says:

    I have wondered about Joe for years!! We have watched the decline of the person who has his hand on the future of our country and the planet!! I am consistently embarrassed by his constant gaffs and misspoken and, in some cases, completely distorted stories!! I never thought that the Democrats would nominate him as their choice and I can’t imagine how embarrassed they are by their choice especially if they really did steal the election!!!

  • Zeke Zyler says:

    Too many Molsons?



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