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Photo: John Fetterman Unrecognizable After Losing Bet

Is that a United States senator from Pennsylvania or a world-renowned (fictitious) drug kingpin from New Mexico?

Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman is unveiling a new look and it’s got fans of the hit television series “Breaking Bad” clamoring.

The Democrat revealed his new mustache in a Twitter selfie on Saturday.

“Lost a bet with Karl,” Fetterman said, in reference to his son.

The nature of the wager between father and son isn’t exactly clear.

Many were quick to draw a comparison between the mustached Fetterman and “Breaking Bad” protagonist Walter White.

The comparisons weren’t exclusive to Fetterman’s critics, with one Twitter user identifying as a progressive Democrat likening Fetterman to a chemistry teacher — which was White’s vocation before turning to a life of crime.

One Twitter described Fetterman’s new look as a more morose take on the chemistry teacher-turned meth kingpin.

Fetterman had sported a full beard in a family selfie just days earlier.

The former mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, and lieutenant governor of the state, has previously sported a goatee (a look also associated with Walter White), although it’s been some time since he appeared in public with a full head of hair.

In an eerie parallel to the cancer stricken White, Fetterman has dealt with chronic health conditions during his first year as a senator.

Fetterman was checked into a hospital to receive treatment for depression in February.

Fetterman has also struggled with public speaking engagements during his tenure — having suffered a stroke during his 2022 campaign to represent the swing state in the Senate.

Known at times for practicing his own unconventional dress code, Fetterman has worked with Ohio Republican Sen. JD Vance on bipartisan rail safety legislation, according to Fox News.

Walter White is considered one of the greatest television characters in history, with one iMDB ranking listing the fictitious criminal as the third best television character ever.

  • Ralph C says:

    You can try and try to remake this guy, but all you’ll end up with is the same, Uncle Fester!

  • Patricia Ann says:

    Why does that head look too small for that body? I would like to see several before and now head shots to compare. Does not look like the same man unless he got a face lift while in the hospital. May God Bless

  • Michael says:

    He’s definitely not a high school chemistry teacher, not smart enough. That’s why he’s a US Senator.

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