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Pfizer Whistleblower Responds to Motion to Dismiss False Claims Suit

Pfizer cannot use the government as a shield from liability for making false claims about its COVID-19 vaccine, lawyers for a whistleblower argued in response to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss a False Claims Act lawsuit.

“Respondents claim fraudulent certifications, false statements, doctored data, contaminated clinical trials, and firing of whistleblowers can be ignored based on the theory that they contracted their way around the fraud,” lawyers for Brook Jackson, who worked as regional director at one of the clinical trials used to develop the Pfizer vaccine, wrote in their Aug. 22 response.

“A drug company cannot induce the taxpayers to pay billions of dollars for a product,” they countered, “that honest data would show poses more risks than benefits, and that ignores the actual contract and the law itself.”

Jackson’s lawsuit alleges that Pfizer and two of its subcontractors violated the False Claims Act by providing bogus clinical trial results to garner the FDA approval of its COVID-19 vaccine.

Under federal law, individuals can sue on behalf of the government and win treble damages if they can prove an individual or company deliberately lied to the government.

One of Jackson’s attorneys, Warner Mendenhall, told The Epoch Times that the payout could be as much as $3.3 trillion.

“It would be enough to bankrupt Pfizer,” Mendenhall said.

Mendenhall, whose law firm has won multimillion-dollar False Claims Act cases, based his estimates on the more than $2 billion the U.S. government has paid Pfizer for more than 100 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine.

In motions to dismiss the lawsuit, Pfizer and its subcontractors argued that besides Jackson’s allegations being false, the government, not a private citizen, can initiate a False Claims Act complaint and that the lawsuit against them should, therefore, be dismissed.

“The Relator may not pursue the claims against Pfizer without the Government first pursuing them in an administrative proceeding,” Pfizer’s motion states.

The companies also argued that the FDA was well aware of Jackson’s claims for at least two years before the lawsuit was filed against them and that it publicly responded to Jackson’s allegations by expressing the agency’s “full confidence” in the data used to support the vaccine.

However, Mendenhall said a false claims action is independent of the government’s knowledge and that Jackson only has to prove Pfizer and its subcontractors presented fraudulent information to the FDA.

Jackson was third in command of the clinical trials conducted by Ventavia Research Group as part of Pfizer’s application for emergency use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine. She was there for only 18 days before being fired by Ventavia after reporting what she called “absolute mayhem” and an utter disregard for safety protocols and federal regulations in developing the vaccine.

Jackson has submitted over 400 exhibits as part of her complaint. Jackson said that a former Taco’s cashier was among those tasked with injecting patients with the experimental jab. She alleged that the trial staff falsified patient signatures on informed consent paperwork. And she has described a daily mess of unsanitary conditions.

Jackson also responded for the first time to Pfizer’s characterization of her as an anti-vaccine, anti-government individual out for money as vengeance for her firing.

Jackson has worked on a long list of government-run clinical trials for vaccines and said she is pro-vaccine. She pointed out that her children have had all their childhood vaccines and that her entire family gets the flu vaccine yearly. Jackson received the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it was available and was initially one of its biggest cheerleaders.

While she is seeking compensation for her termination as part of her actions against Pfizer and the other companies, Jackson said she plans to donate any money she receives under her legal action against the companies to those injured by the vaccine.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s blood money,” she said. “The world should be disgusted by what went on here with the shameful actions behind this dangerous vaccine.”

Attorneys representing Pfizer did not return calls seeking comment.

Pfizer is no stranger to False Claims Act litigations.

In 2009, the pharma giant agreed to pay $2.3 billion in settlement fees in the largest health care fraud case brought under the False Claims Act in U.S. history. The US Department of Justice filed the lawsuit against Pfizer for misbranding one of its drugs with “the intent to defraud or mislead.”

Originally known as Lincoln’s Law, the False Claims Act was first used to sue defense contractors who sold the Union Army lame horses, faulty rifles, and rotten food.

  • Bobo says:

    I knew it was poison when the censorship, threats, government mandates and firings stared. It was/is pure evil!

  • Patty says:

    A heads up! They are now inserting the mRNA vaccine into the flu shots! They want to kill or sterilize all of us “ useless eaters”, because Gates says so. The covid vaccine is full of heavy metals that your body cannot get rid of, some are very toxic, others are radioactive. This is a partial list, cesium, gandolinium, barium, cobalt, iron, chromium, titanium, cerium, aluminum, silicon, sulfur. These were discovered by a German test lab. Look them up yourselves. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINES period!

    • Art LaPella says:

      I confirmed that German test lab found toxic heavy metals (I didn’t find any mention of radioactivity, and obviously not the “useless eaters” stuff). The German test lab described its work as preliminary and not peer reviewed. I didn’t find a rebuttal, from the government or anyone else.

  • Art LaPella says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. In court.

  • syble l. christensen says:

    it wasn’t just Pfizer it was many people that were lying about the vaccines especially Fauci he lied many times they all wanted to keep making as much money as they could they were making loads of money for each JAB as they called it,

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