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Pfizer CEO Tests Positive for Covid — Says He’s ‘Thankful’ for Receiving 4 Doses

Pfizer’s CEO announced on Aug. 15 that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

“I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for #COVID19,” CEO Albert Bourla wrote on Twitter.

Bourla 60, said he has received four doses of his company’s COVID-19 vaccine, which has proven increasingly ineffective against infection from the virus that causes COVID-19 and severe illness once a person contracts the virus.

He reported experiencing mild symptoms, although he didn’t identify any of them. He said he’s “feeling well.”

“We have come so far in our efforts to battle this disease that I am confident I will have a speedy recovery. I am incredibly grateful for the tireless efforts of my Pfizer colleagues who worked to make vaccines and treatments available for me and people around the world,” Bourla said.

The CEO is isolating and has begun taking a course of Paxlovid, Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill.

U.S. drug regulators granted emergency use authorization for Paxlovid in December 2021 for people aged 12 and older who test positive for COVID-19 and are deemed high risk for progression to a severe case.

Regulators have since curbed or revoked similar clearances for many other drugs, such as Regeneron’s monoclonal antibodies, citing data that indicate the treatments aren’t as effective, or aren’t effective at all, against newer virus variants.

Paxlovid has become the most-distributed COVID-19 treatment in the nation and was administered to President Joe Biden after he recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Biden, who has also received four doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, experienced a rebound of symptoms after testing negative, which is common for Paxlovid recipients.

Previously Promoted 100 Percent Efficacy

Bourla is among the officials who have previously promoted the COVID-19 vaccines as being 100 percent effective against infection.

In April 2021, he shared the results from a study that was said to show that Pfizer’s vaccine was 100 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 cases in South Africa.

However, all COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to be less effective against both infection and severe illness as newer virus variants have emerged.

Against the Omicron coronavirus variant, which became dominant in the United States and many other countries in late 2021, the vaccines provide little shielding against infection and decreased protection against severe cases.

Emerging data indicate that Omicron subvariants are even better at evading vaccine-based protection.

Pfizer and Moderna are among the companies working on Omicron-specific booster doses. Those could be rolled out in the United States as soon as September.

  • Carlos says:

    Honestly…who the hell cares…

  • Whoopy goldberg says:


  • Bobster says:

    Wouldn’t trust mumbles biden OR ANY of his fucked up cronies to wipe the sweat off my nuts !!! FJB and his crackhead administration !!!

  • James says:

    100% Guarantee you this ba$tard never got a single shot, because he knows they don’t work, they ruin your immune system and make you 17 times more susceptible to getting the flu (called Covid), 15 time more susceptible to Cancer and autoimmune diseases. What this JERK is NOT telling you is that over 30,000 people in America died (according to the CDC VAERS system) and over 50,000 more are permanently disabled from their F-ing jabs, and the VAERS system is underreported by 90%. Rate of death of athletes is up from an average of 30 a year worldwide to 769 for 2021. Not hard to figure out why that death rate is up 2,560%.

    If you get sick, take Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Quercetin, Vitamins A, C & D along with Zinc immediately, early treatment is critical, and you will be cured in 3 days or less, it’s what happened to me. Easiest cold/flu I ever had in my lifetime. Do NOT take Paxlovid and definitely do not take Remdesivir that will kill your liver.



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