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Pete Buttigieg Wants You to Stop Driving Cars

No gas stoves, no gas-powered cars, and no beer are just a few things the Biden Administration has put the kibosh on.

The Democrat-controlled White House is now fear-mongering Americans into believing all cars cause climate change and promote racism and should, therefore, be banned.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appointed an Obama-era group made up of 24 “leading experts” to advise him on “transportation equity,” claiming the privilege of owning a car ignites “systemic racism” and should be banned because of their negative impact on the environment.

Members of the Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity include “spatial policy scholar” Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, who says, “All cars are bad” and calls for “zero emission transit.”

However, she told the Free Beacon that she is not “advocating for a complete erasure” of cars but hopes to convince Buttigieg to re-direct the U.S. from relying on private motor vehicles.

Veronica Davis also claimed cars are the “problem” and divide communities because, according to her, vehicles are a “status symbol” that only privileged white people own.

“This isn’t anti-car propaganda, but vehicles have wreaked havoc on the environment and communities,” Davis said, according to her book about inclusive transportation. “Racism shaped the urban and suburban areas, where even today we see the residual effects.”

Scrapped by the Trump Administration, the committee will advise Buttigieg on “promising practices to institutionalize equity into agency programs, policies, regulations, and activities.”

In 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that required federal agencies to “pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.” The agency reportedly has to conduct an “equity assessment” to identify policies that create “systemic barriers” for minority communities.

In January, Buttigieg promoted a climate plan to reduce “commuting miles” through an “increase in remote work and virtual engagements.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted major opportunities for telework, with some studies showing the possibility of ten percent long-term reduction in annual vehicle miles traveled,” the plan states.

Along with several other things, the Biden Administration has advocated for Americans to purchase electric vehicles to push their radical New Green Deal.

  • CD says:

    This worship of the climate needs to stop. Congress shall not establish a religion, including the religion of climate change. Are they so stupid that they can’t look at history and see that weather comes in cycles? Even in the late 1809s, Laura Ingalls met a Native American who told her and her father that every 70 years x 7, they have an extremely bad winter, which she write about in her books. Every 7 years the locusts come out if the ground, and weather is the same! It’s really hit this summer, but yeah, its SUMMER! Duh! And some summers it’s not as hot….that’s called a weather cycle. For people who demand we trust the science, and who call us “Science deniers” when it comes to Covid vaccines, they sure aren’t trusting any science any more, and they deny science DAILY!
    It’s time to take back our country, and get some common sense back. The Ozone has a smaller hole than ever, the ice caps are thicker than ever, and the USA already has the lowest carbon emissions of any first world country. These fools who promote banning everything that is good and makes life enjoyable need to be rounded up and put to live on an island with no cars, nothing to cook with, and no plastic of any kind. Let’s see how long they last before they’re crying and begging to come back to the good life of the USA. They can live in their 15-minute community and test it out for everyone else.

  • CD says:

    And another thing…..since when do non-white people not own and drive cars? In my neighborhood of mostly Hispanic immigrants, they all drive newer and nicer cars and trucks than we do. Our cars are 20+ years old, and our pickup was given to us because at the time we had nothing to drive at all, we counted even afford to fix our cars or get a used car. We were given a 12 year old pick up that was already beat up and sounded rough, and have kept it running all these years. It sounds like an old tinker truck and it runs hot all the time and his many dents and body rust. Meanwhile our illegal Mexican neighbor drives a brand new $50,000 Dodge Ram. And all the black folks I know have cars, and are quite proud of them and enjoy driving them around, most are quite nice. Again, claiming owning a car is racist and only whites have nice cars is in itself RACIST and insulting to everyone, regardless of skin color.

    These committe-type people continually insult black people and Latinos and any other race that isn’t Caucasian when they say stupid things like owning a car is “racist and white privilege”. Why do non-white people put up with this junk? Why do they continually allow themselves to be degraded and insulted without fighting back?

  • Eric says:

    What? Go back to horses for everyone. Streets filled with horseshit? Is that what the Democrat crazies want. Sounds like bullshit to me!

  • cj says:

    Fk You Pedophile Pete.

  • william g munson says:

    How can a person that does not know what a WIFE be in any office Period all those that Joe Biden puts in office cannot do the Job period Harris in charge of Border has not went to the Border but One time and that where none were crossing and the Border is wide open too and Kerry going everywhere to give our TAX money to them to go green and others were Obama,s former People and do very bad Jobs too



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