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Pence Travels to Wisconsin to Join GOP Against Trump-Endorsed Candidate

Former Vice President Mike Pence continues to undermine President Trump’s efforts to get conservative warriors elected to office. Pence is entering into the Wisconsin Republican contest for governor with an establishment endorsement.

President Trump has endorsed self-made businessman Tim Michels in the Wisconsin gubernatorial primary next Tuesday. The Republican nominee will face incumbent Governor Tony Evers, a former teacher and radical leftist.

Pence made clear his continued opposition to Trump this Wednesday—this time when he joined former Wisconsin Governor (and NeverTrump 2016 presidential candidate) Scott Walker to endorse the establishment candidate against conservative and grassroots favorite Michels, Rebecca Kleefisch.

Kleefisch, who previously rode the Tea Party wave into the Lieutenant Governor’s office under Walker, is a Paul Ryan Republican also endorsed by Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos, who has been a clear roadblock to efforts of restoring faith and integrity in Wisconsin elections.

In contrast, conservative Trump-endorsee Tim Michels founded Wisconsin’s largest construction company with more than 8,000 employees, he served 12 years as a Ranger in the United States Army and is campaigning to drain the Madison Swamp and restore election integrity in Wisconsin, among many other America-First principles.

President Trump’s record during this primary season has been nothing short of incredible, given all the nefarious GOP forces lined up against him. Pence, Walker, and Kleefisch consort with the same Lincoln Project types as the Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney garnered GOPe and mainstream media accolades for his seething Gollum-like ad yesterday for his daughter, in which he declared President Trump as the “greatest threat ever to our republic” and “not a real man.”

This GOPe pack senses danger; Pence’s anti-conservative grassroots interventions and Cheney’s ad are together rallying the Lincoln Project twitter troops. If the primary results in Arizona and Michigan are any indicator, the vast majority of Americans disagree with Pence and Cheney vehemently as Trump-endorsed candidates are winning resoundingly.

The conservative Michels is making waves in Wisconsin, where the sanctity of their elections are in serious doubt and a conservative appeal to honesty and accountability is appealing to everyday Wisconsinites. The Wisconsin primary Tuesday, August 9, is another chance for Americans to return their state to local control and reject the machinations of a corrupt GOP.

  • Carolyn says:

    Pence is a back stabber. People in his state didn’t like him. I would never vote for him. Go Trump Go.

  • Brontefan says:

    Mike Pence has no where to go! He failed to meet with President Trump and discuss the issues after the stolen election… and now he’s out on a limb. Backing Liz Chaney won’t help him; I hope she loses her seat! Frankly, the radical destruction that has taken place in our country since Trader Joe & his party stole the election (even stolen elections have consequences) proves that the direction the Democratic Marxists wish to take us—is not Constitutionally sound! God help us! Pence, who is actually a politician, is fighting for his future but he’d have done better doing so with President Trump’s endorsements. Some of us honestly believe the future of our nation hinges on President Trump getting the second term he actually earned!

  • Tom says:

    Too bad Trump would not fully endorse the real conservativeaw Erick Greitens in the Missouri senate race. Instead he compromised by also backing the corrupt establishment favorite who spent millions the defeat the Navy Seal candidate Erick Greitens who would have challenged the Evil Mitch McConnell. We thus end up with business as usual where our representaves spend their time funding donors for kickbacks.



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