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Pee Tape 2.0: Virginia Democrat Films Herself Urinating in Public and Posts It Online

Virginia, we’ve got ourselves a big problem: Liberal white women.

RedState reported previously on Susanna Gibson, the wannabe pornstar Democrat running for a seat in the House of Delegates; she and her husband, who are from the Richmond area, earned themselves some extra spending money by performing sex acts on the delightfully-named adult website Chaturbate.

Instead of feeling even the slightest bit of shame over her actions, Gibson tried to turn herself into a victim of the mean old Republicans (how dare they have morals!) and was lauded for her performance art by bigwigs in the state party.

So, that’s where the Democrat Party of Virginia is at in 2023.

Well, now we’ve found Gibson’s bat guano-crazy bookend: Jessica Anderson, a Democrat from Williamsburg, who is also running for the House of Delegates.

She figured the best way to boost her candidacy was to create an actual pee tape and put it on the internet for all to see.

No, really.

Instead of using the public toilets while out running at Freedom Park in Williamsburg, Anderson merely left the trail, and, as we used to say, “dropped trou.”

Not only was she not concerned about being seen by others, including children, but she recorded and narrated the entire thing.

Be sure to turn up the sound so you can appreciate it in its full glory.

Here’s the transcript:

“Yeah, I’m peeing. Avoid yellow snow.”

Pure class, that one.

But, wait, there’s more. Anderson also posted a video of herself dressed as an eggplant, gyrating all around what looks to be the deck of her house. This just screams “serious candidate,” right?

  • KMAN says:

    Little by little even the Democratic Party is recognising the party is that’s for proggressness is becoming Regressive this along with people walking out on Hillary Clintons Class to a Democratic Judge reversing an Election because of Democratic involvement in Fraudulent ballots.
    Biden in a panic that College Idiots are actually Antisemitic and they’re not voting for him .
    Then there’s the ( AI ZAR ) VP Kamala Harris that thinks she doing something but Biden put ex-president Obama In charge that’s has to sting being slapped like that .

  • Colleen Cudnik says:

    I’d like to see of her trying to pee as an eggplant, good thing I don’t like eggplant….. God bless America…..

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