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Paul Pelosi, Jr.’s Asian Stock Climbs 30% After He Tags Along with Mother Nancy on Asian Trip

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier in an explosive investigative piece — Paul Pelosi, Jr. traveled to Asia and attended meetings with his mother Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her recent trip this week to the region.

Paul was an “unnamed guest.” The Pelosi crime family was trying to keep his participation on the downlow.

Paul Pelosi was pictured with the US delegation on several stops in East Asia. As part of the US delegation, though, his name was never mentioned in the news during the trip

As we dig deeper into Paul Pelosi’ secret, or unannounced, tour to Asia wed found something quite interesting. Paul Pelosi Jr. appears to be another Hunter Biden, or even WORSE!

As was previously reported, Paul got stuck in a series of scandals in the past couple years. The Gateway Pundit has documented his curious business dealings.

It was reported that Paul Jr.’s business dealings with five companies were investigated by federal agents in Jan, 2022. Of course, nothing came out of the investigations. Paul is a Democrat like his powerful mother.

During last week’s trip, Paul kept himself in the spotlight possibly to impress his Asian business partners. He was spotted at several official meetings with Pelosi in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. But Paul Pelosi, Jr. suddenly disappeared in South Korea.

Paul is currently the President of a battery recycling company called EVSX. Paul became President of the St-Georges’ subsidiary EVSX Corporation in Januay 2021. The company is dedicated to electric vehicle battery recycling and future partnerships in the development of lithium mineral resources.

Paul Pelosi and EVSX was about to sign a cooperation deal with Wintech Co Ltd in South Korea in Feb, 2022. This was widely reported in the business pages.

Here is the official announcement.

The agreement was reportedly postponed when Paul was stuck in a crisis of credibility back home. By publicly showing up as part of the US Congressional Delegation, he added some street cred to impress his contacts in Asia.

Here comes the whole picture. Paul took advantage of the “family trip” in Asia and leveraged the official photos with high-ranking national leaders to whitewash his notorious record back home.

The Pelosi mob family were not concerned that her grifter son was pictured with her during her trip.

And it appears that Paul tried to rebuild his savory character in business and continue the family business while traveling out in the open with his mother.

And it worked!

Now this…

Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy’s son, was an unnamed guest during her tour of Asia & Taiwan

Paul Pelosi, Jr. is also on the board of Two Lithium Mining Companies, $SXOOF & $ATAO

Asian Countries produce 75%+ of the world’s Lithium batteries.

Paul Pelosi, Jr.’s Asian stock climbed 30% after his tour of Asia with his mother.

Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker released this report on Tuesday.

Video via ChrisJJosephs and Midnight Rider.

Altair International Corporation jumped 30% this week following Paul Pelosi, Jr.’s trip.

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp stock is up 35% from last week.

Obviously, Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Asia was a profitable one.

Nancy made sure of it.

  • Zmb Grrl says:

    The unfettered gall. They know they’ll be exposed, and they continue to play their games – Mother, Father, Son. Constant corruption with every stone that is turned. All these Lefty politicians: How do they face their constituents??? From the Pelosis to Ilhan Omar’s campaign theft and brother-marrying. Bill and Hillary – from Whitewater to their foundation, not to mention all the blood on their hands. Obama’s shady dealings. Swallow-well and the affair with Fang Fang. The Biden family corruption. All the FBI false flag operations, including Jan 6. The DOJ going after parents. A weaponized IRS now with ads for new recruits who can wield weapons! When does it stop?

  • Grandma says:

    Talk about an FBI RAID!! She definitely needs to be raided.

  • jrobby says:

    THEY do it right out in the open



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