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Pat Buchanan Announces Retirement

Three-time presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan announced his retirement from writing his weekly syndicated column.

For the past several years the conservative icon offered “informed and critical insight on current events in his weekly political column,” but at age 84, he is passing the torch to the next generation.

Buchanan began his storied career in the 1960s as an assistant to former President Richard M. Nixon. He continued on as an advisor to Nixon until the president’s resignation in 1974, at which point he worked briefly with former President Gerald Ford. Buchanan returned to the White House in the 1980s, serving as a communicators director during Ronald Reagan’s second term, Newsmax reported.

In 1982, Buchanan became a household name as a regular panelist on NBC’s “The McLaughlin Group” and CNN’s “Crossfire,” building his political reputation through media rather than public service, according to The New York Times.

In the 1990s, this resulted in him running for the GOP nomination in 1992 and 1996, before running a third time as a candidate for the Reform Party in 2000, Newsmax stated. Buchanan reportedly always believed “the greatest vacuum in American politics [was] to the right of Ronald Reagan,” and he hoped to take advantage of this to usher in a new era of Republican politics, according to The New York Times. Buchanan has been credited with coining the familiar phrase “silent majority,” Newsmax stated.

In addition to his lengthy career as a political advisor, politician and media host, Buchanan authored ten books, including four New York Times best sellers. He also served as a political analyst for MSNBC and helped found “The American Conservative” in 2003.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    Before cable and satellite TV which I subscribe to, I watched these shows that Mr. Buchanan was on . He will be missed that I’m sure of. Farewell, sir enjoy your retirement.

  • PrettyPleasePatrick says:

    Pat will you do one last thing for the country?? TAKE BIDEN WITH YOU!!!

  • BarbNak says:

    Thank you for all you’ve contributed to Conservative America. Hope all is well and that you enjoy many, many happy years of Retirement!!

  • Dubs says:

    BIG Bummer. A far more prophetic and wise contributor to conservative traditional America than the overrated and sainted Bill Buckley was as it turned out who ruined the conservative movement by inviting all the neoconservatives to turn it into a high-flying, left-wing phony baloney poseur conservative Barnum and Bailey racket with the likes of Bill Kristol et al. If only he had run in ‘88 first he might’ve won the nomination and history might’ve been changed infinitely for the better. Hope he’s still healthy and still has one more book in him. Thank You Pat!

  • Mary Gmez says:

    Always an interesting commenter! I really enjoyed hearing from Pat Buchanan! Congratulations on your retirement!

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