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Parents Issue Warning After Teen Daughter Dies from ‘Chroming’ TikTok Trend

Two parents are speaking out after their teenage daughter was tragically killed trying the latest social media trend.

Esra Haynes of Melbourne, Australia, had been at a sleepover on March 31 when she entered cardiac arrest.

At first, her friends thought she was having a panic attack. Little did they know, her body was beginning to shut down, according to the Australian news program “A Current Affair.”

Haynes had allegedly been “chroming” before the incident.

Popularized by social media, chroming involves huffing aerosol deodorant for a high.

Haynes was rushed to the emergency room, yet her parents were still hopeful.

“We thought we’d bring her home,” said Andrea Haynes, Esra’s mother.

After being placed on life support for eight days, her parents made the tough decision when they learned Esra’s brain was “damaged beyond repair.”

“She was put onto a bed so we could lay with her. We cuddled her until the end,” Paul Haynes, Esra’s father told “A Current Affair.”

Esra was just 13 years old when she died.

According to her parents, she had no history of chroming.

Per Fox News, Paul Haynes told the Australian news outlet Herald Sun that it will be he and his wife’s new mission to make sure other children do not make the same mistake.

“We want to help other children not fall into the silly trap of doing this silly thing. It’s unquestionable that this will be our crusade,” the father said. “No matter how much you lead a horse to water, anyone can drag them away. It’s not something she would have done on her own. The ripple effect is that this is absolutely devastating. We’ve got no child to bring home.”

Haynes’ parents want every school to teach its students CPR, which they believe could have saved their daughter’s life.

They also advocate for aerosol manufacturers to take action accordingly.

“To me it seems that’s a pistol sitting on a shelf. We need the manufacturers to step up and really change the formulation or the propellants,” Paul Haynes said.

He also believes social media is a big part of the problem because it’s so accessible.

Esra was the youngest of four siblings.

She loved music and sports and had just been named co-captain of her team.

“She was amazing,” Andrea Haynes said. “She was beautiful, she was cheeky but she just had the most fullest heart.”

  • JIMJO says:


  • barbara says:

    Some of the technology and the evil that is going on is created for this purpose, My heart goes out to the parents, friends and family of this beautiful young girl..take heed’s too crazy right now..

  • Michael T says:

    Back in the mid ’80s, I discovered that the manager of a local Radio Shack was writing off a lot of cans of ‘Dust Off’, and huffing it. It was just pure CO2. He was also taking a lot of Caffeine tablets. I don’t know whatever happened to him, but someone had to notice the lost stock. I was moving out of the state at that time, and I didn’t have the time or resources to track down a regional manager.

  • DZR says:

    Huffing is nothing new, sadly. TIKTOK to a weak GEN Z mind is fatal.

  • Nunya says:

    It’s called huffing you fucking idiots lol. Let’s rename everything that calls it like it is, your daughter died from huffing……. Very Unfortunate. I loved doing whip it’s, but everything in moderation and I was over that shit shortly after I tried it. Cocaine was much better back in the day when I was skiing. Can’t do anything anymore because these dumb monkey cunt drug dealers like to kill their customers, fucking retards. The object is to have repeat customers, not kill them with a pinch of Fetynal you fuckstick morons!

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