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Old, Now-Deleted TikTok Video Reveals Who Dylan Mulvaney Really Is and What He’s Up to

Seeing this screenshot of an old, now-deleted TikTok video of Dylan Mulvaney from 2021 where he was very upset about not being able to find work UNTIL his friend wrote him a femme character is pretty damn eye-opening.

Guess we understand why it’s deleted.


Gosh, Dylan really may not just feel like a girl. Whoda thunk?!

It’s not that he was born in the wrong body, it’s that as a man he couldn’t get any work.

So he’s taking acting gigs from real women.

Because of course, he is.

And not nearly as funny or entertaining.

Dylan is playing a part, a character, etc. He figured out how to finally make a name for himself … on the backs of women. Pretending to be one of us.

Crying about his journey and his struggles.

When that journey was just about becoming famous, not necessarily becoming a woman.

Way to go, Bud Light, Nike, Kitchenaid, Kate Spade, Burberry, etc. Really, aces.

What a bunch of marks.

  • Looking for sanity in USA says:

    If that faggott trans twisted soab ever comes to my state’ his ass will be fried. I hope he knows it to. Him and his supporters will be fried. I hate LGBTQ. THESE Mfkrs are trying to start a racial war with the blacks, and the whites. It might just happen. Gear up America, or get to your basements.

  • Straight and White says:

    It’s really sad that more women don’t disapprove of Trans. The ones who play with their game really like it. They have easy access to sex anytime they like. And they get pregnant in the process. Good Gosh. I’m keeping my tool in my pants. Soon there will be a disease spread by them that sand paper want effect.

  • Cheryl says:

    Well duh! Anyone with a functioning brain figured out this poser, fraud loser a long time ago.

  • Patriot says:

    So the truth come out Bud Light , kitchenaid, Kate Spade, Burberry, Nike et all again you all got played big time by Mulvaney he played you all like a cheap suit! Go Woke Go Broke your new names are SUCKERS!

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