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Ohio Sheriff Sounds the Alarm After Meeting with FBI, Arms Deputies

“It’s not if they are going to attack, it’s just when they are.”

That’s what Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said after attending the National Sheriffs’ Association Conference in Washington, D.C, held Feb. 3-6, according to the Journal-News. At the conference, FBI officials warned sheriffs from across the country about imminent terrorist attacks on the U.S.

“There are people already here who have come to this country who hate us and want to kill us,” Jones warned. He’s on a mission to make sure his department is prepared.

The new generation of terrorists is sophisticated. The FBI warned the sheriffs that terrorists could utilize cyberattacks to cripple power grids and cause train derailments. Cells of terrorists could target multiple areas of the country.

The sheriff’s office is “getting five cyberhack attempts a day by the Chinese, three times a day by the Iranians, and we got hacked two years ago by the Russians,” Jones said. “And that is not just us. I assume they are doing that all over the country.”

The Chinese have the U.S. outnumbered 50 to 1 in people working on cyberattacks and prevention, Jones said. “Their deal is to cause us disruption in our county. To cause chaos in our country, not like next week — now. From the red flags and chatter that they (FBI) are hearing.”

The FBI advised the sheriffs that people have already come across the border to “do harm to us … that they have never seen it this bad,” Jones continued. Not just a handful either. Thousands of terrorists want to cause chaos across the country. According to Jones, this includes national and local elections.

“They told us we need to be prepared to talk to local county election people to be prepared. They want us to lose faith in our government,” Jones warned.

To combat the danger, Jones urges state lawmakers to pass legislation in Ohio that allows felony charges to be filed against illegal immigrants, according to WXIX. Jones’s call to arms is similar to a measure in Texas.

Jones also is calling for a state cybersecurity czar to protect government organizations from being hacked by terrorists. He also sees the need for a task force to secure Ohio’s northern border because he says there is now an influx of drugs and weapons coming into America through the Canadian border. This is due to the manpower and resources moved to the southern border.

Terrorists won’t strike only in big cities, according to Jones. They’ll also target smaller cities and rural areas.

“The terrorists are here, we have already been told that, from 160 countries that want to do us harm,” Jones warned. “We have been told by the FBI that they are here and it is just a matter of time before they attack.”

“I am talking about people who want to attack Americans, and I would be a fool to think that is not going to happen. The national government can’t take care of it all. There is more local police than FBI. It all comes down to preparing for it,” Jones said.

Jones’ department is preparing. All cruisers will be equipped with AR-15s and extra ammo, according to WXIX. Hazmat training will also be expanded.

Local law enforcement, however, can’t do it alone. Jones announced that a training class for the public will be held in May, according to the Journal.

The course — “When Disaster Strikes: Prepare, Act, Survive” — will teach citizens in the community to prepare for disaster, survive it and, when necessary, participate in search and rescue operations after a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

  • Guest Person says:

    They will specifically target small cities and towns to take them over and use them as bases. Then they will hide under the populace like the cowards in hamas and launch attack after attack on our soil and we as a population are ill prepared to deal with them. They have no morals, no inhibitions only a drive to take everything we have and make it theirs. We have not had to fight for ourselves in so long that the people today will fall like toy soldiers. Better get your fight on folks because they that are already here certainly will. New neighbors? Give them a once over twice and pay attention to traffic in and out and around. Hate to say the obvious but those wonderful sheriffs couldnt be more outmanned and outgunned, these infiltrators have access to every weapon over made including womd and have zero qualms about using them. Guard your rural electric and water like your life depended on it. Best advice for the coming months is get your Christian neighbors together and take care of one another locally and pray like you really mean it….. or do as you have for decades now, and learn to like the taste of sand.

  • Don says:

    Make sure of one thing. When the shit hits the fan make sure the enablers are the first to go, then the lying media and then fight for our country.
    This whole thing is so obvious that Ray Charles can see it.
    Open the border and let millions of military age males enter the USA alone. Do nothing about it. Aren’t there training camps up in Michigan and the northern US? Why haven’t we heard about them and done nothing about it?
    Wake the hell up people. We’re the frogs and the water is getting hot.

  • See more says:

    This is why Biden, Harris and Mayorkas should be impeached and throwed out of office and let speaker Johnson take over til Trump gets back in.

  • John sweet says:

    This is just the beginning for the Democratic socialist agenda! They wish to destroy our nation by any and all means. That is why they are rushing to get them to vote!

  • William Glenn Munson says:

    So that is Why Joe Biden a Year later has not went to Palintine after Train Derailment he know he did it Period!!



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