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NYT Columnist Says It Out Loud: ‘I Wish Somebody Would Kill Trump’

John McWhorter, the prominent academic, author and New York Times columnist, wants everyone to know that he’s sorry that he recently suggested it would be a good thing if someone were to assassinate former President Donald Trump.

Except he’s not, really. But at least he owns it.

“I have taken a great deal of heat for saying, for implying, that I wish somebody would kill Donald Trump,” McWhorter said on the new episode of “The Glenn Show” with Brown University economics professor Glenn Loury. “That is exactly what I was implying. It was irresponsible of me to say that in a public space. I really shouldn’t have said it here.”

But then McWhorter acknowledges that it wasn’t a one-off. “I have said it often,” he admitted.

This was all too much for Loury.

“Do you realize the hell that will be unleashed on the country if people continue to talk like that? This is not something that you just casually throw around – killing politicians who you don’t like…” Loury said. “Do you think it ends there? Do you think that if somebody were to do something along the lines that you’re suggesting, that would be the end of it?”

To which McWhorter’s flippantly responded: “Well, somebody else would run (as the Republican nominee). Anyone but (Trump) would be better.”

If a conservative commentator hinted that it would be a good thing if someone assassinated President Biden, that person surely would receive a visit from the FBI, followed quickly by a criminal prosecution by the Justice Department and an extended stay in a federal prison.

McWhorter doesn’t need to worry about that; political violence is an accepted tool of the Left. The American media would have everyone believe that history began on Jan. 6, 2021, but by that point, Black Lives Matter and Antifa had normalized rioting and looting with the daily mayhem of 2020, including extortionate threats of more rioting if Trump won reelection in November 2020. Let’s not forget that those daily riots were a sequel to the 2014 BLM riots ignited by the phony Michael Brown narrative in Ferguson, Mo., the 2015 BLM riots touched off in Baltimore by the death of Freddie Gray, and the 2017 Inauguration Day riot in Washington, D.C.

So McWhorter knows that he’ll get a free pass for his homicidal fantasies – likely not even a reprimand from his bosses at the New York Times.

McWhorter wants to have it both ways – to be seen as a serious, thoughtful man, while making no pretense of having any principles where Trump is concerned. He acknowledges that New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Trump was “clearly partisan,” but he’s cool with that.

“I think Trump is such an extraordinary phenomenon, I would be happy if what Bragg did, despite being partisan, made it so that Trump couldn’t run the country anymore,” McWhorter said.

Loury kept trying to reason with McWhorter, but, well, reason ends where Trump Derangement Syndrome begins.

“It’s immoral to subvert the law, which you acknowledge is being done, in order to beat somebody who you cannot beat at the polls,” Loury said.

McWhorter’s take is reminiscent of the insufferable Sam Harris, whose was rightly roasted in 2022 for saying that Trump has no rights because, well, Harris hates him.

McWhorter insists he doesn’t have TDS yet is reduced to describing Trump as “a megalomaniacal moron … immoral … a pig … utterly incompetent … a 5-year-old … with the mental capacity of one of the smarter baboons … and a casual racist.” Last month, McWhorter wrote a New York Times column about “rumors” that Trump had used the n-word on “The Apprentice,” though he admits he has no evidence that happened. But he’s certain it did – because … Trump. This is what passes for journalism at the Times.

Loury chided McWhorter for his “name-calling. Have you ever turned the light of introspection on yourself and asked yourself why you wallow in this derangement?”

Like all other TDS sufferers, McWhorter has no sense of irony or self-awareness. He claimed, without evidence, that Trump “would take this country closer to autocracy” and frets that Trump “wants to persecute his enemies just because they don’t like him.”

It doesn’t even occur to McWhorter that Trump knows exactly what that feels like.

  • J says:




  • Dorothy says:

    I could say the same as the Democrats keep stepping on the citizens of this country. They are nothing but a corrupt bunch of idiots that will destroy us and do not give a damn who is in their wake. They are our closest enemies. This jerk is calling for the wrong man.

  • One says:

    Wouldn’t it be poetic justice, (and funny) to find McWhorter dead w/i a month? Hey, threats can go both ways. It just depends on who’s got the balls to deliver.



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