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NY Times Union Plans 1,000+ Employee Walkout

More than 1,000 unionized employees are threatening to walk out of the publication if it does not agree to their demands in contract negotiations by next Thursday.

“After 20 months of negotiations, enough is enough: Today, more than 1,000 [NYT Union] members pledged to walk out if [the paper] does not agree to a complete and fair contract by Dec. 8,” the publication’s union tweeted on Friday.

A letter the NYT NewsGuild sent to the outlet demanded wages to match inflation and improvements to existing health insurance and retirement benefits.

“We will walk out and stop work for 24 hours, on Thursday, Dec. 8, if we do not have a deal for a complete and equitable contract by then,” they threatened in a letter that Reuters obtained. 1,036 members of the union signed the letter.

“[W]hile we are disappointed that the NewsGuild is threatening to strike, we are prepared to ensure The Times continues to serve our readers without disruption,” a spokesperson for the publication told the New York Post.

  • Jlw says:

    Would anyone even notice if they went on strike?

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    The paper needs to be shut down. Not unlike the WaPo, it’s only objective is to be used as a propaganda tool. This is the same paper which had inside information of EVERYTHING happening to the Jews in Europe, (which became known as the Holocaust), LONG before the end of the war, (when it was finally revealed). They knew as far back as 1940, when Jews were being transported to Jewish settlement communities under armed guard, and then in ’42, how they were then transported to concentration camps. They knew how Jews were being ferreted out in the cities of ALL the countries Hitler had taken over and burned alive. THEY KNEW – and w/ the request of FDR – SAID NOTHING!

  • Brer says:

    Good time for firing and restructuring the company. Just like cnn. Go woke be broke. Whether they restructure and stop going left is to be seen.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    Whoopi a 24-hour strike against the NY Times, It’s a rag paper to start with who gives a crap anyway.

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