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Numerous Food Factories Across the Nation Mysteriously Catch Fire

Bizarre disasters of Biblical proportions have become characteristic of Joe Biden’s botched presidency, setting the stage for an unprecedented nationwide food shortage.

The latest debacle occurred last week, when a truck hauling 44,000 pounds of Jif peanut butter mysteriously caught fire on an interstate roadway in Illinois.

“Charred jars of peanut butter could be seen scattered across the side of the road,” according to WCIA-TV in Champaign. “Officials have not yet announced what caused the fire.”

Feldkamps Towing of Urbana worked with the Illinois Department of Transportation and a local fire department to clean up the gooey mess, which was exacerbated by oppressive heat.

“What a hot day it was today between lowboy jobs and a recovery job we got later in the day 44k of peanut butter having the correct equipment get the job done fast and Efficient thanks to everyone that worked today to get everything done today for customers even in the terrible heat,” the company wrote on Facebook last Wednesday.

“[A]lso huge thanks to District 10 fire departments and idot you guys were awesome.”

As of Thursday morning, officials still had not revealed the cause of the June 15 truck fire — more than a week after it occurred.

This is the second big problem during the past two months for J.M. Smucker, the maker of Jif peanut butter.

Last month, the company launched a massive recall, citing potential salmonella contamination.

At least 10 people reported getting sick after eating Jif peanut butter manufactured at Smuckers’ Lexington, Kentucky, facility, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

These disruptions — coupled with the runaway inflation that has become the hallmark of Biden’s presidency — undoubtedly have caused peanut butter prices to skyrocket.

You probably see a significant spike in the cost of peanut butter at your local supermarket (all brands are about $2 higher per jar in Manhattan, from my experience).

Between the peanut-butter debacle, 10,000 cows dying in Kansas, escalating baby formula shortages and mysterious farm fires, the stage is being set for an unprecedented food shortage.

As a reminder, food shortages have ignited mass rioting and civil wars numerous times throughout history.

This is Biden’s dystopian America: Higher taxes, soaring crime, skyrocketing grocery prices and plunging quality of life.

Sadly, things will get much worse before they can any better. So buckle up, patriots.

  • Walter says:

    Falls in line with their plans to make us a SOCIALIST NATION, people will have to depend on the SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT for food, the other steps are almost complete, next the gun control law will extent to where you can’t have weapons of any kind, you won’t be able to stop the Socialist Government takeover! Gates just bought acres and acres of raw farmland. He’ll use the American people as slaves to plant and harvest the crops for the ELITE! We’ll get the left overs!

  • Dave says:

    It was not to long ago Gates and other “elites” dais we should not eat meat and should go to all plant life. Theyalso said that the world population needed to be reduced. Gats and Fauci also were in schoold together and involved in the covid 19 before it was know to the world. They are also pushing for “World Order’ meaning that America would no longer be a free Country.

  • Rose says:

    How far will this go before something is done?

  • Martine Touri says:

    STOP ASKING QUESTIONS PLEASE ! All is planned by the Dems to DESTROY America on ALL fronts



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