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NOAA Issues Warning for Massive ‘Direct-Hit’ Solar Storm

A huge solar storm will strike Earth on Thursday, potentially disrupting power grids and pushing the aurora as far south as Michigan and Maine.

Alerts issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration early Thursday morning ranked as a K-5 index (out of 9). A ranking of five or above is needed for the administration to issue an alert for upcoming solar storms.

Minor impacts to satellites, power grid fluctuations and a visible aurora were noted by NOAA. The highest geomagnetic storm category predicted thus far is a G2 storm on Feb. 18, which is considered “moderate” by NOAA’s rating scale.

At that point, the aurora might be visible in parts of New York, Wisconsin and the state of Washington.

Power fluctuations are likely to occur further north Saturday, with high-latitude power systems experiencing voltage alarms, as well as issues with satellite orientation, NOAA noted.

Details shared online by space weather physicist Tamitha Skov suggested that Earth will take a direct hit starting some time in the afternoon Friday. Amateur radio and GPS reception issues should be anticipated, according to her prediction.

Until just a month ago, most solar storms couldn’t be forecast until a few hours ahead of time. It’s unclear whether NOAA used the latest technology to predict the impending storm. In extreme situations, solar storms have the capability of destroying all electrical equipment on the planet.


    Beside causing a lot of libs to panic, what is the purpose of this? We can’t do anything about it/

  • Too bad it doesn’t fry every solar panel in the country.

  • Bill in okc says:

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    For she has seen aurora borealis burning bright.

  • John says:

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