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Niagara Falls Declares State of Emergency to Prepare for Total Solar Eclipse

Canada’s Niagra Falls region has declared a state of emergency to prepare for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th.

In a press release, Niagra Regional Chair Jim Bradley said he issued a state of emergency “out of an abundance of caution.”

Bradley continued in the press release, “Declaring a State of Emergency under the EMCPA strengthens the tools the Region has at its disposal to safeguard the health and safety of residents and visitors and protect our critical infrastructure in any scenario that might arise.”

Ontario Mayor Jim Diodati is expecting the Canadian side of Niagra Falls to receive over one million visitors on the day the eclipse is set to occur, which is the main reason why Niagra officials decided to issue a state of emergency a week in advance before the solar eclipse is set to occur.

Per The New York Post:

Niagara Falls, Canada, has declared a state of emergency ahead of the April 8 total eclipse as 1 million people are expected to flood the area.

The Ontario side of the falls has started to prepare for the expected influx in visitors coming to see the total social eclipse in early April.

The famous falls have been listed by National Geographic as one of the best places to see the eclipse – a phenomena not seen in the area since 1979. The city is within the path where the moon will entirely block the sun for a few minutes.

Mayor Jim Diodati estimated the city would see the most visitors in a single day on April 8 with an estimated 1 million expected. On average, the city see 14 million visit per year.

The state of emergency, which was announced Thursday, will allow the city to execute additional planning to help prepare for traffic jams, cell phone network overloads, and a higher need for emergency services, and more.

The Niagara region in Canada is not the only place to prepare for the solar eclipse on April 8th prematurely.

  • jay says:

    “State of emergency” = “Hey, can we get some more cash?”



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