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NHL Gets Destroyed Over Woke Tweet

The NHL shut off its comments after social media users skewered the league for jumping on the woke bandwagon.

After celebrating the first tournament held in Middleton, Wisconsin, over the weekend for transgender and nonbinary players, the National Hockey League responded to a critic who clarified, “So, men playing on womans team? [sic]”

“Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real,” NHL affirmed.

Those statements were met with fierce backlash, prompting the NHL to limit who could respond.


  • Leo says:

    Well, F***K the NHL as well. This sucks!

  • Richard Hoyle says:

    Oh well….it was just a matter of time before hockey, the last true bastion of professional sports, was taken down with that terminal disease….WOKE.

    Most of us actually had hope that hockey, of all of the sports, would be the one who would never debase themselves nor grovel at the altar of political correctness. Guess we were wrong.

    Pro sports stars and team owners can’t seem to grasp the simple concept that they exist solely to provide a form of entertainment to the customers. And we are interested ONLY in the games…not the political bullshit or the personal agendas of those who get paid obscene amounts of money to chase after a ball or a puck for a few hours each week and a few months out of the year.

    We already tolerate (barely) the gigantic number of childish and inane commercials we have to watch to see every game. Most of us use commercials to get more snacks return phone calls or texts or to make a quick trip to the bathroom. Huge numbers of us tape the games and watch them a few minutes or a few hours later when we can fast forward through the commercial breaks since watching the idiocy that TV commercials has become will lower your IQ several points just watching them.

    Since the NFL first started going WOKE a couple of years ago, more and more of us have either quit watching professional sports completely or we find we can hit one of the ESPN channels and watch all of the highlights and best plays for the entire weekend in a half or one hour show….thus saving almost an entire weekend of sitting on our butts watching a one hour game that the networks turn into a four hour bullshit and commercial debacle.

    Hockey just put itself on the list of sports we no longer care about…and we won’t care until they go back to doing the one thing we watch them for….play hockey. And they learn to leave the bullshit political agendas and WOKE horse shit to the the true professionals…..they whiney liberals.

  • Transgender so-called Human’s are only a Freak Show, which are/is NOT NATURAL, they Only want to be different, like Some Specie of Frog and Little Tiny Slug’s, because these Earthly Creatures Can Biologically Reproduce, Without A Surgical Operation, where Human Beings like you and me CANNOT!!!

  • Michael says:

    NHL blocks any one that does not support their agenda or ideology . They will post publicly but only allow replies privately so they can avoid any reply that may be out side their bubble of opinion .

  • Tom Mirabito says:

    A tournament to celebrate mental illness !! Everybody gets a trophy !



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