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NFL Team Hit with Major Backlash, Leaves Fans Disgusted by ‘Pride Month’ Post

Every year when June rolls around, every company throws out the most generic and invasive possible ads for “pride month” that have absolutely nothing to do with the company the advertisement represents.

Of course, 2024 is not going to be an exception.

The Arizona Cardinals wasted no time this year, putting out an Instagram post with the LGBT rainbow alongside the caption, “Football is for everyone. Happy Pride Month.”


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Another safe little ad so they can remind leftists throughout America that they love homosexuals and that they should be marked safe from cancel campaigns.

But what the Cardinals may not have expected is how many individuals are beginning to get incredibly frustrated with LGBT values being forced into places they don’t belong.

“This is embarrassing,” one commenter said.

“Sad world we live in. These poor children shouldn’t be knowing what this is,” another user noted.

“Thanks for the reminder Cardinals that I need to cancel my season tickets,” a possibly former fan wrote.

“As a Cardinals fan I lost respect for the team,” replied another annoyed onlooker.

While of course some comments on the post were thrilled with having LGBT values forcibly pushed into football, the vast majority of comments were negative.

And why shouldn’t they be?

“Pride month” has absolutely nothing to do with football.

Imagine if every NFL team made a post about how they supported Israel and condemned Palestine and Hamas.

Leftists would be up in arms, gathered outside headquarters with pitchforks and torches, repeating actions similar to what they’ve done on college campuses.

But because this ad celebrates what they happen to like, it’s A-OK.

The Cardinals and the NFL as a whole, not to mention almost every major institution in American life, are taking sides on issues they really shouldn’t be.

The simple reality is football should be about football. Keep everything else out.

  • Angry American says:

    I used to love football. It was an enjoyable family event that everyone looked forward to. Unfortunately like everything the left touches, it has turned to .

    Why anyone still supports the National Felon League is beyond me.

    You supporters keep making these unAmerican clowns rich. Wake tf up. We are losing our country.

    Trump 2024 or the entire world will revolt.

  • Lamar says:

    Maybe It’s a gay mans sport? Or gay owned nfl?
    WHO KNEW???



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