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NFL Superstar Fires Back After His Wife Is Attacked for Promoting ‘Conservative Agenda’ with Wedding Dress

Future historians will have to wonder why, in the early 21st century, so many young women succumbed to diabolical pride.

In a video posted to Instagram last week, woke Los Angeles-based stylist Kennedy Bingham posted a vicious, anti-Christian rant masquerading as a critique of a modest wedding dress worn by model Olivia Culpo, wife of San Francisco 49ers star running back Christian McCaffrey.

“What an evil thing to post online,” McCaffrey replied. “I hope you can find joy and peace in the world, the way my beautiful wife does.”

Culpo, who won the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants in 2012, married McCaffrey on June 29.

According to Vogue, Culpo took her vows seriously.

“It’s a covenant. It’s the beginning of the rest of your life — and it’s the union and bond of two people forever,” she said.

Thus, she wanted her wedding dress to reflect that solemnity. In other words: It was not all about showcasing herself.

“I didn’t want it to exude sex in any way, shape, or form,” she said of the dress, which Vogue described as “a long-sleeve crepe crew neck ball gown with a voluminous skirt and button-lined back,” complete with a “16-foot lace veil.”

Furthermore, she knew that her soon-to-be husband appreciated the modest look.

“When I think about Christian and what he loves and the moments that he thinks that I’m most beautiful, it’s absolutely in something like this: timeless, covered, and elegant,” she said.

That last comment proved too much for Bingham.

According to her website, the Gown Eyed Girl cannot abide Christian modesty.

In fact, Bingham has described herself as “passionate about connecting with brands and brides who view bridal as a form of expression, not a rule set with outdated societal constraints.”

The important thing, according to the prideful Bingham, is that brides express themselves. If they happen to show contempt for tradition by bucking “outdated societal constraints,” all the better.

Bingham, of course, sees herself as virtuous.

“Gown Eyed Girl truly believes there is no right way to be a bride. She has worked with BIPOC brides, LGBTQ+ brides, male brides, brides who don’t believe in the institution of marriage and opt for long term partnerships, and many more,” her website read.

Thus, Culpo’s conservative choice — and in particular her explanation of that choice — drew Bingham’s ire.

“I do not like this wedding dress,” the woke Gown Eyed Girl said in an Instagram video.

In a remarkably devious twist, however, Bingham actually admitted that her criticism had nothing to do with what Culpo wore.

“If I were to just look at the dress, I would see a beautiful bride in a beautiful, simple, elegant dress,” Bingham said.

In other words, the self-appointed gown critic admitted from the beginning that she intended to use Culpo’s dress as a proxy for everything she hated about Culpo’s values.

“But it’s all the stuff surrounding the dress that leaves kind of a bitter aftertaste,” Bingham said.

“Now listen, there is nothing wrong with wanting a modest wedding dress, or just modest attire in general, but the way that she was talking about this went beyond just wanting something modest for herself and pushing this idea of what she thinks all brides should look like,” the Gown Eyed Girl added, thereby projecting her own intolerance onto Culpo.

Later, Bingham blasted Culpo for pushing a “conservative agenda.”

Of course, as a self-promoter herself, Bingham could not get past the fact that Culpo chose something different. So the gown “expert” eventually returned to the gown itself.

“There is no personality in this dress,” the oblivious Bingham said of a bride who saw herself as joining a union rather than showcasing her “personality.”

Then came the worst part.

Bingham claimed that a bride can pull off the modest look. As proof, she cited several celebrities and “pretty much every hijabi bride that’s ever existed.”

In other words, only the bride who chooses Christian modesty comes in for criticism.


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A post shared by Kennedy Bingham (@gowneyedgirl)

But Bingham’s response to McCaffrey’s “evil” remark fully exposed her for the sad, woke, propagandized young woman she is.

“So what’s evil is pointing out the potential internalized misogyny behind her reasoning, your (imo) patriarchal comment, and the racist/ homophobic/fatphobic history of the designers she worked with?”

Imagine: Had Culpo chosen a hijab, she could have qualified as modest.

However, because the former Miss Universe explained her choice of wedding dresses in a way that sounded vaguely Christian — she never expressly indicated her faith — Culpo revealed what Bingham called “potential internalized misogyny.”

Meanwhile, for defending his wife and wishing the vile Bingham well, McCaffrey made a “patriarchal comment.”

A number of factors could help explain why some young women think as Bingham does. The most charitable explanation might involve the woke-Marxist left’s weaponization of misplaced compassion.

One hopes that honest historians will uncover and tell the full story of how we lost so many young people.

In the meantime, we find ourselves in a spiritual conflict deeper than we ever could have imagined.

  • Smile says:

    I love that dress. So beautiful

  • char says:

    she looks beautiful.

  • Serenity Now! says:

    The biblical signs are global Jesus Christ will soon return. Some people will end up on “The Wrong Side of Eternity” because they have sold out to evil…while the true followers of Jesus Christ will exist in “The Right Side of Eternity” because they have rejected the enemies of righteousness. I wish this young couple happiness.

  • frank says:

    Its a shame so many good people die and pieces of shit like Bingham live

  • Juanita says:

    What an arrogant little wench. Why would anyone actually care about what she thinks? The bride is beautiful. Her dress is beautiful. Her wedding. Her rules. Wedding dresses, in my opinion, shouldn’t showcase the brides ‘assets.’ Everyone knows what the couple will be doing later, but it doesn’t need to be displayed ahead of time for the whole world to see. A lot of these females who marry and wear the dresses that show a lot of their ‘parts,’ look cheap and slutty. I prefer elegant and classy myself. Bingham is a foolish female.



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