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NFL Players Take a Knee — to Pray, Not to Protest

NFL players are “taking a knee” across the nation this weekend — not to protest the national anthem, but to pray for the recovery of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, whose heart stopped during a game Monday.

Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after delivering a tackle in the first quarter of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He received immediate medical attention and was resuscitated and hospitalized in critical condition.

The entire nation was horrified; the game was canceled. But NFL teams and fans rallied, encouraging each other to “Pray for #3.” Hamlin not only survived, but returned to consciousness, asking: “Who won the game?”

By the end of the week, Hamlin was able to communicate to his teammates via video, though he remains in critical condition. Teams are planning to honor him at this week’s final regular season games — and to pray.

At Saturday’s clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders, an announcer declared: “The entire NFL family has been praying for Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills,” and asked fans to cheer for him.

The Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars gathered at midfield and knelt in prayer together before their game.

The words of prayer and public kneeling recall the protests that rocked the league in recent years.

This time, however, the players are not kneeling to protest against alleged police brutality, or against America itself, but in prayer — and in solidarity with one another, in a gesture of humility and respect for a higher power.

  • Rob says:

    That is great but thought praying had no place in NFL. As for this young man…we will never no what caused his heart to stop. Yes, we’ll be told it was the hit but what was his vac status an when did he receive? Did he have an undiagnosed heart issue or worse, a diagnosed heart issue?
    Nonetheless, he’s on the mend and recovering, thank God.

    • Nancy L Crandall says:

      I disagree, prayer is appropriate at anytime and anywhere. No one had any problem with the NFL kneeling in protest against the American flag, against the Police or against America itself, while wearing T-shirts with the face of Communists printed on them! Whomever dislikes it has the option of changing the TV channel, or turning it off, the same as the rest of us had when the NFL was protesting against.

  • Redbone says:

    Did the NFL require the players to be vaccinated before they could play?

  • Walter Jones says:

    They owe Tim Tebow an apology.

  • Carlos Thillet says:

    The power of prayer is irrefutable! What others used to promote hatred and strife Has now been transformed into a miracle!

  • John says:

    Who cares these demonic Antichrist demons do only their demonic fans are supporting them, they have already destroyed what little respect decent people had for them, I’d rather wait till these demonic slobs that are overpaid and over praised for nothing meet their maker then let them drop to their knee and see where it gets them



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