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Newsom’s ‘First Black Lesbian’ Senate Appointee Immediately Hit with Scandal

The recent death of former Sen. Dianne Feinstein left Gov. Gavin Newsom in a predicament. Would he keep his promise to fill the seat with a black woman even though two white people (Adam Schiff and Katie Porter) are leading the 2024 race for the seat? As RedState reported, the answer is yes.

Newsom appointed Laphonza Butler, whose only qualifications appear to be working on Kamala Harris’ failed 2020 presidential campaign while being a “black lesbian.” Naturally, the California governor is touting the latter.

I’m just really glad we select the most powerful people in the country based on race and who they sleep with. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with such an approach? What does merit have to do with governing competently anyway?

Let’s ask Newsom, who apparently appointed a Maryland resident to the seat, birthing an immediate scandal.

You know, for all the talk of Newsom’s smooth-talking demeanor, it’s worth remembering that he’s actually just an incompetent clown. That’s why the comparisons between him and Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida are so laughable. Yeah, the coming debate between the two men will be entertaining, but it doesn’t even really matter what happens because the real-world results are night and day. Florida is economically and socially booming with a huge influx of newcomers while California is drowning in a sea of far-left idiocy.

Getting back to Butler, the cover-up has already begun in earnest. EMILY’s List, the rabid pro-abortion organization she worked for, scrubbed her listed residency in Maryland overnight.

Being a homeowner in a state does not make one a resident of that state. Given that she’s not even registered to vote in California, it’s fairly obvious that she does not live there and has no formal residency there. Where does she pay taxes? What state is her driver’s license from? Has she claimed California residency in the last two years?

Hilariously, Butler even forgot to turn off her location data until after she was appointed. It’s all fixed now, though.

Remember the constant jabs that Mehmet Oz got from the press for previously living in New Jersey? He was actually a resident of Pennsylvania when he ran for the Senate there, and he still got lambasted on a near-daily basis. Will Butler get the same treatment? Of course, she won’t, because it’s (D)ifferent.

  • TD says:

    Newsom is a total idiot, Can you see this guy as president of the united states doing this stupid shit like he dos all the time, The united states can not do this again that is for sure

  • Juanita says:

    As long as the person is any color but white, a female, or even trans, and better yet, I’m sorry, this is gross, but it goes either way, a lap licker, then apparently they are ok to run our government. It’s disgusting. We need people who actually LOVE our country and care about U.S .citizens!!! The Dems base it all on color, sex, and being anything but straight. Our country is going through so much turmoil because of this garbage. This is all the dems can do, apparently.

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