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News Anchor Sent Chilling Texts to Fiancé Before Her Suicide at 27

The Wisconsin news anchor who took her own life last month sent one last chilling text to her fiancé before she shot herself in the home they had bought one month earlier, according to a report.

WAOW anchor Neena Pacholke killed herself on Aug. 27, just 90 minutes after buying a handgun and ammunition, according to a police report obtained by the Daily Mail.

Before she pulled the trigger, the 27-year-old journalist texted her fiancé, Kyle Haase, that she could no longer bear “this pain.”

“I love you Kyle. I always have and always will,” she texted him, according to the outlet. “Despite how much you ruined me, I always had hope. I’m so sorry to do this to you but I can’t handle any of this pain anymore.”

Haase, 38, had reportedly broken up with Pacholke seven weeks before their wedding, the Daily Mail reported.

He was traveling to Minnesota to visit his mother with his children from a previous relationship when he received the alarming text.

He called 911 and requested a welfare check at the home he shared with Pacholke, but officers arrived too late.

A day earlier, a concerned friend had removed all firearms from the home after fearing Pacholke might harm herself. She went out and bought a handgun the morning she shot herself.

When officers responded and found her dead inside the bedroom from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, they also recovered a receipt from Zingers and Flingers firearm store for a 9mm handgun and a box of ammunition, according to the police report.

Her phone history revealed that she had searched Google for ways to end her life the night before as well as heartbreaking texts she sent her sister.

“[Hasse] told me he hates me and will feel like a million bucks once I am out of his life,” she texted her sister, adding that she was “broken.”

The couple’s two-year relationship was often troubled, as the pair fought often and rumors of infidelity swirled, friends told the outlet.

Hasse allegedly talked poorly of his fiancé to others and Pacholke once said she found an unfamiliar pair of panties inside their home, they said.

The pair were set to marry on Oct. 12 in Mexico.

  • Patriot says:

    this is a terrible story detailing the events of an relationship… The sad part is that this person didn’t have the self confidence or strong character to overcome a small tragedy in a world that has bigger things to be concerned with.

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