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New Video Emerges Showing Suspects Moments Before Chiefs Parade Shooting

The Kansas City shooting suspects can be seen arguing in chilling footage taken moments before a gunfight killed one and injured 22 at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade.

Footage taken on a fan’s phone shows two of the juvenile suspects arguing in the background during a heated exchange with someone off camera.

The suspect in a red hooded sweater is seen hastily pulling his backpack off as if he is reaching for something within it.

While another teen lurks behind him, wearing a beige brown jacket and what appears to be a black bandana over his face, another is also seen wearing a black hoodie with a black satchel.

Separate footage shows the suspect in the black hoodie leaving the scene with his hand caked in blood as he clutches his face.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said earlier this week that investigators believed the shooting was triggered by a personal dispute.

Eye witnesses told the outlet that the teen with the satchel had been shot in the face during the melee.

One witness said on Friday that one of the suspects had been missing part of their jaw following the shooting on Wednesday.

Navy veteran Tony Janssens told Fox News Digital how he bumped into some of the suspects as he was fleeing to safety after shots rang.

‘[One of the suspects] turns around and his jaw’s been shot. He’s basically missing his jaw, and he’s freaking out,’ Janssen said.

‘He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what to do. And then his buddies are kind of scrambling. They’re all like, don’t know if they should keep running or help his buddy, since he’s bleeding now.’

Janssens was not sure if the suspect was a victim or one of the shooters, but he followed his military training and kept his eyes on the injured person.

Other footage also shows the teen in the brown jacket being apprehended by bystanders at the parade following the shooting.

The unknown man is seen in dramatic footage being shoved to the ground by heroic fans who chased him down.

Father-of-two Trey Filter was seen tackling the man in the brown jacket along with Omaha resident Paul Contreras.

Explaining how he managed to grab the suspected shooter, Trey said: ‘I turn, I see a flash, and I think to myself I hope that is him.

‘All I recall is barely seeing the guy and I couldn’t believe I caught him, I remember thinking “man I hope that is him”.’

Contreras, who attended the event with his daughter Alyssa, was caught on film by his daughter as he launched himself at the suspect.

‘One guy was hollering, saying, you know, “Stop him – catch him, tackle him, or whatever,”‘ Contreras recalled, as footage from others showed the actual tackle in real-time.

‘And he’s just barely running,’ he went on. ‘And out of nowhere I hear that guy hollering, so I’m just like, “OK, I’m right here.”‘

The dutiful dad continued: ‘I didn’t think about it. It’s just a reaction. I didn’t hesitate – just do it.’

On Friday it was announced that two teenagers had been charged as juveniles following the shooting.

The suspects, who remain unidentified by authorities, are charged with gun-related offenses and resisting arrest, said The Jackson County Family Court division.

‘It is anticipated that additional charges are expected in the future as the investigation by the Kansas City Police Department continues,’ the Office of the Juvenile Officer said in a statement.

Missouri law dictates that juvenile hearings are not open to the public. It’s possible the suspects could be charged as adults if and when they are charged with a felony.

A third juvenile initially believed to be involved has since been determined to not been connected to the shooting and was released.

Chief Graves said on Friday: ‘Our investigators have poured themselves into this investigation, and it continues.

‘We will not relent until everyone who may have played a part in these crimes is apprehended so that they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.’

The shooting outside Union Station occurred despite the presence of more than 800 police officers who were in the building and surrounding area.

The slain woman was identified as Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a local radio host and a mother-of-two.

Lopez-Galvan, whose DJ name was ‘Lisa G,’ was an extrovert and devoted mother from a prominent Latino family in the area, said Rosa Izurieta and Martha Ramirez, two childhood friends who worked with her at a staffing company.

The 22 people injured ranged between 8 and 47 years old, with half under 16. Eleven children were taken to a children’s hospital, nine of them with gunshot wounds.

All but one child had been released by Friday, and that last person being treated was expected to recover.

Eight gunshot victims were taken to another hospital Wednesday. Officials there said two were in critical condition Thursday and five had been discharged. Three of four people injured in the chaos after the shooting had been discharged.

At a third hospital, a gunshot victim who was in critical condition was upgraded to serious condition, an official said Thursday afternoon. Four people injured after the shooting were treated there and released.

  • Fred Fetty Jr. says:

    I am an 80 year old white man. I was raised POOR in Kansas City, Mo. I had to walk three miles to school because we lived in a mostly black neighborhood and the principal of the local school ( a black man) told my parents that I would be killed or hurt if I went to his school. My first , and not last, time I witnessed a man getting killed was in the alley behind our apartment. A young black man was shot in the chest by another black man. My step-father told me to NOT talk to the police. I joined a gang for protection. I had no choice. To be accepted by the gang, I did some bad things and became known to the KCPD. This was three months before my 18th. birthday. I had two options; go to prison or go into the military. I joined the U.S. Navy at 17 and ended up in Vietnam for three years. My mother had to sign a waver to get me into the Navy. I have no doubt that I would have been shot or killed if I had not joined the military. When I returned to the United States and was stationed in San Diego, I went to night school, received my HS diploma and earned two years of credits towards my bachelors. My commanding officer in San Diego would not allow any of his sailors to leave the service without a high school diploma. There were a lot f young men in the military without HS diplomas. This was the Vietnam War . I write this story because of all the young men who are facing the same circumstances I faced when I was 17. I was heading down that path that normally results in an early death. A KSPD Officer busted my ass, a Judge deferred my sentence and my mother signed papers that forced me into the military. God blessed me by having them in my life and the military for taking me. It was not easy for them and I fought them every step of the way. I do not know if America is capable of saving our youth today or if they even want to. I just know that taking me out of the environment I was in in the 1960s resulted in a man who served his county in a very positive way for 62 years.

    • Buster Hyman says:

      You didn’t think so at the time, but you sure did the right thing. The “Justice System” in today’s world is pathetic. Police do their best to get this kind of subhuman trash off the streets and the Soros funded bleeding heart assholes in the systems turn them right back out on the street until some innocent people get killed.
      We really don’t need new laws, we need to rigidly enforce the ones in place and make the consequences severe for gun or knife crimes with all tried as adults.
      The ACLU and namby pamby judges and DAs need to go!
      As Beretta used to say, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.
      And stop blaming the gun! It requires someone to pull the trigger. Gun control is NOT the answer. The lowlife scum will get guns no matter what laws you pass, always have and its easier now.
      Letting every manner of criminal trash cross the border and burrow in the US is accelerating the problems.

  • kronik says:

    they’re blaaaaaaaack???????
    i am shocked!

  • Rocky Venti says:

    Oh, and I’ll be darned. Both shooters have great tans.



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