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New Rule Requires Firearms Dealers to Disclose Buyer Information to Government

A new policy was implemented last week by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which seeks to collect the addresses of gun purchasers in a bid to comply with new federal law.

Federally licensed firearms dealers (FFLs) will now be required to provide the FBI with the personal addresses of individuals who attempt to make a purchase but are denied or have a delayed transaction. The FBI will also provide local law enforcement with details of failed transactions, which include delayed transactions, as well as the personal information of rejected individuals. Earlier, firearms dealers only had to provide a purchaser’s state of residence rather than their full address in case of denial or delay.

The change in policy follows President Joe Biden signing the appropriations package for fiscal 2022 in March. The package contained the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act (VAWA) which includes the NICS Denial Notification Act.

In an FBI email obtained by Gun Owners of America (GOA), the agency details how the new policy will be implemented.

“The NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022 requires the FBI’s NICS Section to notify state, local, or tribal law enforcement of all FBI NICS denied transactions within 24 hours. The FBI must provide notification to law enforcement based upon the location of the FFL and if different, the purchaser’s address,” the email states.

The FFLs must provide a buyer’s complete address to the NICS as recorded on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Form 4473 when transactions get “denied or delayed.”

“The address information will be required before the status can be provided or retrieved either by the NICS contracted call center or via the NICS E-Check.”

The Epoch Times has reached out to the FBI.

Overreach by the FBI?

The Central Texas Gun Works, a gun rights association, has slammed the new move, calling it unconstitutional.

In a Sept. 27 press release, Michael Cargill, owner of the group, questioned the mandate requiring FFLs to record addresses of customers whose transactions are merely delayed despite being ultimately approved for a firearm transaction.

Such a mandate was not set forth in the law passed by Congress, he pointed out. “Neither the ATF nor the FBI can act beyond authority of Congress and violate the Constitution by furthering the ultimate goal of creating an illegal firearms owner database,” Cargill said.

The FBI decision is the latest in a series of moves that gun owners say will curtail their rights. Last month, Visa announced that it is willing to join other credit card firms to tag firearms-related purchases. The National Rifle Association said Visa’s move is “eroding the rights of law-abiding Americans.”

According to a National Firearms Survey conducted last year by research firm Centiment, there are over 415 million firearms owned by Americans. Given that the country’s population is estimated to be 333 million, this would mean there are 1.25 firearms for every U.S. citizen.

  • Marlenemarty says:

    A sociatly that doesn’t know their history is doomed to repeat it. We seem to be reliving 1930s Germany, complete with secret police and Gestapo.

  • Walt says:

    People wake the heck up! This is just a gun control hidden in B s! They will know who has what weapons, and then come for them so you cannot protect your family and yourself! You will have no resistance when they take total control!

  • Walt says:


  • Louis Galmarini says:

    The 2nd Amendment was the result of a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to self-preservation and the continuation of life. It is a by-product, secondary to this right given to every man, woman, and child of the United States of America. There is NO federal or state law, NO County or City ordinance, NO Township bylaw, no company or government ‘policy’, nor door signs or other limitations/barriers of any kind, nor ANY person in ‘authority’, (including local, state, and/or federal officials, [and which also includes the President of the United States]), who/which can infringe upon this right of AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, to own and/or carry ANY type, or amount of weapon(s), anywhere – PERIOD.

    That’s what ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’ means.

    It is not an implied suggestion. It’s not an inferred advisement. It is a mandated INALIENABLE right, given by God, and inspired to those who conceived, approved, and facilitated the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, according to the LETTER OF THE LAW, MANDATED IN THE CONSTITUTION, it is a CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL act to deter or deny this GOD-GIVEN right to ANY American citizen.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand this needs to get educated in fundamental Constitutional Law (101)…

    Therefore, if/when I need to procure a firearm, I will procure a firearm. I will NOT need a license. I will NOT need a registration, I will NOT need a permit, and I certainly will NOT need anyone’s permission. If/when they come for me – they better be prepared to die…

  • Alistair Mitchell says:

    Rule – or LAW? All the info they need is already given to ATF on the 4473 form. I guess it’s illegal for the FBI to get it that way, so they’re doing a make double-work end-run to harass gun stores.It won’t hold up in court long term but it’s a pain in the butt and they’re trying to compile a future seizure list. The Feds are trying to fuck over gun owners before the Dem Party goes kaput next year.



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