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New Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden and Harris in 2024

Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2024, according to a new poll released on Friday.

Trump, who announced his candidacy in November, would win 46 percent of the vote, while Biden would gain 41 percent, the survey showed.

The former president would perform even better against Harris, winning 49 percent of support compared to Harris’s 39 percent.

The poll was carried out for The Hill on February 15-16 by a team for Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll.

The pollsters spoke to 1,838 registered voters.

Trump, 76, also defeated other Republican rivals in the poll.

Only Nikki Haley has so far declared her intention to challenge him, but in an eight-way race, Trump beats them all.

He won 37 percent of support, with 19 percent backing the Florida governor Ron DeSantis – who is yet to enter the race, but widely expected to do so in the spring.

Haley would win seven percent, making her third in the list – a rise in the ranks, thanks to a campaign launch which has been considered relatively successful.

Haley took a swipe at Trump during her 2024 kickoff on Wednesday when she didn’t say his name a single time during her speech.

Trump was quick to fire off a sarcastic response, mocking her on his Truth Social platform for ‘polling at 1 percent’ and reminding her she promised not to run against him in 2021 because he is ‘the best President in my lifetime’.

On Thursday, the Republican National Committee announced they would officially unveil next week, at their annual meeting, a plan to block Republican presidential candidates from the debate stage this summer if they do not sign a pledge to support the ultimate presidential nominee.

The proposal sets up a potential clash with Trump, who has raised the possibility of leaving the Republican Party and launching an independent candidacy if he does not win the GOP nomination outright.

While RNC officials and Trump aides downplay that possibility, such a move could destroy the GOP’s White House aspirations in 2024 and raise existential questions about the party’s future.

‘After the primary, it is imperative to the health and growth of our Republican Party, as well as the country, that we all come together and unite behind our nominee to defeat Joe Biden and the Democrats,’ RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said in a statement to The Associated Press when asked about the loyalty pledge.

As many as a dozen Republicans are expected to enter the 2024 presidential contest as the GOP braces for an all-out civil war in the months ahead.

Much of the party is eager to move past Trump and his divisive politics, but in reality, Republican leaders have few, if any, tools to control the former president given his popularity with the GOP’s most passionate voters.

RNC leaders are hopeful that a loyalty pledge, while ultimately unenforceable, would generate some shared commitment to unity, albeit a fragile one, as the presidential primary season takes off.

‘President Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party and will be the nominee,’ said Steven Cheung, Trump campaign spokesman.

‘There is nobody who can outmatch President Trump’s energy or the enthusiasm he receives from Americans of all backgrounds.’

  • Get serious Conservatives says:

    Republicans never learn from their past mistakes. If they dont get their minds straight and support Trump, The Democrats will win in 2024, with very little cheating. All these Rep. Candidates are stupid as hell. All they are doing is jerking votes away from the Man who stood up, and made life a little bit easier for them for 4 years. And he hasnt stopped his support for America and its people since he stepped into the political Arena. How ignorant can people be? It just keeps getting worse. If these Candidates dont GTFO now’ Im voting for John Fedderman in 2024, if he can make it to the Podium.Who cares if they rake in a shitload of public support funds, to be divyed up before the election. Some of us know how these crooks minds work.

  • Robert says:

    A 1st grader would be favored before a demo-rat like biden or harris or ANY demo-rat for that matter. I think a mudpie would be more favorable than these two idiots. Doesn’t matter really because of what these asshole demo-rats have done to our economy and before any of you demo-rats or anybody that dose not follow what this last congress that was demo-shit controlled did allow me to bring you up to speed. The demo-rat lead congress through up a budget of 2 Trillion dollars passed it then had the balls to tell the Republicans to balance the budget You can read all about it right here;

  • southersgolfer says:

    I can not imagine anyone voting for Biden/Harris if it were to come around to that. Only people looking to ruin America would vote Democrat. Just look around and what do you see? As far as the “civil war” goes, I want to hear what these candidates plan to do to right the ship rather than beat up on each other on things that no one cares about. Stick to the script. The debate is just that, tell voters your ideas to fix the mess that this administration has caused for it’s lack of competence. ’24 could very well be the last hope for our country to be saved from the people who want to destroy it.

  • edward says:

    Most of the ads on this site are for disgusting disease. So they report blatant crimes and advertise sickening pictures of disease. Thats the new America for you!

  • Jericho says:

    I think a dead frog would outpoll harris



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