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New House Speaker Roasts Dem Eric Swalwell with One Tweet

Newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson roasted Chinese spy-loving Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA.) in a resurfaced 2021 tweet.

In a November 2021 tweet, Swalwell took jabs at then-GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA.) after his eight-hour-long speech to delay the Build Back Better bill.

Swalwell asked for an English translation of McCarthy’s speech, which Johnson hit back, saying, “You prefer it whispered to you in Chinese?”

The Democrat has been accused of having an affair with Christine Fang Fang, a suspected Chinese spy. In 2015, the FBI warned Swalwell of their suspicions of the pair’s sexual relationship.

Social media users had a field day after re-discovering Johnson’s savage comeback toward Swalwell.

Johnson’s banter and efforts to humiliate and take down the Democratic Party look promising as he was elected House Speaker on Wednesday after 22 days of chaotic negotiations and nominees.

His election was the first unanimous support for a Republican speaker since the election of Speaker John Boehner in 2011.

Johnson has promised to bring “sanity back to a government that desperately needs it,” adding that he will work tirelessly with Republicans to “combat the harmful policies of the Biden Administration.”

  • Robert Cohen says:

    Eric is far left & truth is not their value. He spews hate and lies as does the far left. Also the 2 tiered justice system protects him from any consequences for the Chinese spy situation. Just business as usual for the leftist @ss holes.

  • Jericho says:

    Good one! I wonder if Swalwell understood that it was a dig.

  • Keep The full pressure on Democrats,until they are gone says:

    It’s looking like I might start sending my scrap metal profits and other extras that I can’t afford to the new Speakers security of his seat. I’ll give if I’m seeing total retaliation against the DEMONRATS. He needs to acknowledge That the deaths of Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boylen were Murders and not lawful actions against J6r’s. Or I’ll keep my money ,and advice you other donaters to execute the same. Jan 6th was a cover for theft of the 2020. 2 days before this, I knew it. Intended to go, but I made a better choice.

    • f says:

      Why (on Jan. 6th) did the V.P. (Pence) certify votes from States he knew utilized fraudulent and unconstitutional processes, practices, and procedures to tally ballots? Why did the SCOTUS refuse to even hear the case brought before it by the AG of Texas for the 8 States which had CREDIBLE, DIRECT, IRREFUTABLE, AND OVERWHELMING evidence that the 2020 General election was RIGGED? How is it, that the highest court in the land is allowed to NOT do their jobs? How is a court allowed to disregard CREDIBLE IRREFUTABLE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE which would overturn an election, and tell a sitting President he ‘has no standing’?


      Pence was threatened w/ death to his ENTIRE family, and then him, (only so he could watch them die, one by one). Members of the SCOTUS were THREATENED W/ DEATH of their families, (and in the same manner), if they acted Constitutionally.

      I stated ALL this just after it happened and was labeled a conspiracy theorist. After Bidens’ incendiary rant on Thursday, September 1, 2020 in which he (literally) declared war on ANY American who didn’t agree w/ the White House narrative, I started getting answers back from those who labeled me a C.T., stating “its’ possible you were correct”.

      This isn’t an ‘I told you so’ post, nor is it a self-righteous vindication. It’s just that this was the ONLY plausible answer to why the people in those positions didn’t rightfully and Constitutionally facilitate the actions to which they were legally bound.

      ANYONE who disputes the FACT that the 2020 election was RIGGED AND STOLEN is either a conditioned apathetic, in hopeless denial, or just too ignorant to comprehend the obvious.

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