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New Documents Catch Fauci in a Lie About Covid Origins Call

Email evidence seems to contradict Dr. Anthony Fauci’s denials that he had any role in deciding who would be part of a Feb. 1, 2020 conference call that discussed whether COVID-19 originated from a laboratory leak, the House Coronavirus Pandemic Select Subcommittee suggested in a Friday letter.

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield testified to the committee March 8 that he was “quite upset” about being “excluded” from Fauci and former National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins’ lab leak theory talks, and had not known about the February 2020 call between them and international scientists.

The letter revealed Fauci’s Feb. 1, 2020 emails telling then-Wellcome Trust Director Jeremy Farrar that Collins would be part of the call and should be included in “all subsequent correspondence” about it, appearing to suggest that Fauci may have had some say over who would participate, according to the committee.

Fauci claimed in television interviews earlier this month that he didn’t add or remove anyone from the conference call’s list or “exclude anybody,” the letter said. Redfield had testified that Fauci and Collins and others would exclude him from the discussions because he had “a different point view” about pursuing the lab leak theory.

Emails released March 5 by committee Republicans appeared to show that Fauci commissioned a February 2020 paper that set out to disprove the lab leak theory. The conference call’s participants were told the COVID-19 virus most likely leaked from a Wuhan, China lab, according to communications the Republicans published.

The Energy Department has concluded that COVID-19 most likely originated from a lab leak, the Wall Street Journal reported. FBI Director Christopher Wray voiced the same conclusion to Fox News in February.

Fauci was asked to hand over all documents and communications about his involvement in planning the call, according to the letter.

  • southersgolfer says:

    So when are they going to arrest this loser?

  • Tressa Baker says:

    Surprise, surprise he lies all the time! He is nothing but a low life democrat. That is all they know how to do!

  • Tamirose170 says:

    How does a Lab Leak manage to travel to over 100 Countries in less than 90 days? How can a “Lab Leak” manage to hit the largest countries FIRST, even IF they were the furthest from the Wuhan Lab and SKIP over smaller countries in say – the transmission path? Just like wind & air, it has a current and a flow…. It would be impossible for an airborne virus, that leaked from the lab ORGANICALLY (by accident of course) to travel from Point A (Wuhan China) to over 100 other Countries naturally in the pattern that this did. No virus would have an invisible On & Off button where it could shut itself down while traveling in the air and wind currents and spare certain countries and then miraculously turn itself back on when it was flowing over the USA, Brazil, India, etc. This had to be an orchestrated effort for Global Synchronization Release – whether by Drones, “Weather Balloons”, Plane vapor trails, etc. NONE of it makes sense other than it was a very large, highly structured dispersal effort, via various forms – at very large events – perhaps New Years Eve (NYC ball drop), Superbowl in FL, Junkanoo (Bahamas) and some serious research into events that each Country was holding over a 90-day period so they could INFECT the most populous groups at one time. IF they could figure out that first, then they could trace it backwards. I think it was intentionally removed from the Wuhan Lab, placed in 2 Million vials and then various methods were used to disperse it over 90 days….I don’t doubt that this was intentional to impair the Election of 2020; as it was miraculous to see the speed at which States could draw up new Election Laws 4000 pages of new Rules & Procedures and all of that was discussed, debated, agreed upon, typed up, verified & proof-read, etc – ALL done within 2 days? Why was the Protocol on how to handle, in Australia, for example (Red, Yellow, Green) status linked to each persons’ cell phone and their freedoms were restricted, they were tracked, they were sent messages as to when they were reqd to go get checked again et al (very elaborate system) – written YEARS BEFORE the actual event- There are Patent Dates that are from years before, yet we’re supposed to believe that this was a totally unplanned FLUKE that no one knew was being developed in these BioLabs, ALL of it – 100% of it Stinks to high heaven and yet 3 yrs later, they continue on with life without a care in the world, never acknowledge the Millions they killed – No Memorial Service such as what we observe on 911 or Pearl Harbor every year – – Life just goes on and no one is held accountable – – You’d think they almost want us to forget completely about their tyrannical behaviors – “mandating” experimental liquids into our bodies by FORCE, closing Churches, 6′ apart, with masks that do not stop droplets, people lost their jobs, homes, financial savings/retirement, etc and Congress people made Millions = ZERO Recourse?? Why?

  • Jackie says:

    Nothing is ever going to happen to him – he’s a Democrat!! And that’s a shame!!



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