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New Details on Condition of Suspected Shooter’s Grandma Released

The Texas school shooter’s grandmother, who he shot in the face before killing 19 kids and two teachers, may never be able to talk again, a relative told The Post on Sunday.

“The bullet went into Sally’s jaw just next to her mouth and shattered all her teeth,” said Jason Ybarra, a second cousin of injured granny Celia “Sally” Martinez Gonzales, 66.

“If the bullet was an inch in another direction, it would have blown her head off,” he said.

“She’s doing fairly well, considering what happened. But she may never be able to talk again,” added Ybarra, 45.

Martinez Gonzales is currently only communicating by writing, Ybarra said.

She was the first victim of Salvador Ramos on Tuesday, before he opened fire on innocent children and teachers inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

The grandma has had several surgeries already for her wounds, including one Sunday, and will have numerous more, Ybarra said.

Rolando Reyes, her husband, told The Post on Thursday his wife was “awake and all, but she’s in pain.”

“She had a notebook where she writes what she’s trying to say, but when we can’t make it out, she gets frustrated,” Reyes said.

Ramos had been staying with his grandparents the past two or three months before he went on his deadly shooting spree.

  • I wish her the best and hopefully, she will regain some speech.

  • STACY says:

    How did grandma not know that he had purchased guns and ammo. He had it all at her house. She is not so innocent in all of this. Her grandson sent to her because he was an asshole. Maybe she should have been talking to the police about her horrible grandson.

    • Jax says:

      Maybe she was arguing or trying to stop him and possibly said she will call police, and could be why he shot her. His grandfather was questioning the guns. She’s the victim, her daughter dumped him on her.

    • Leo says:

      So are you saying she should have been home 24 hours per day to see what he was bringing in his room. I don’t believe she has any responsibility in this. She is in bad enough shape she doesn’t need ppl like you to try and put a guilt trip on her. You obviously don’t have children. I raised two and when they were young adults we were in bed most of the time when they came in. By your standards we would have had to guard the door for when they came in to see what they were bringing in their room. You need to educate yourself on raising kids and grandkids.

    • Kathryn Lycksell says:

      Your malicious statement is uncalled for, especially after what he did to his grandmother. You don’t have the details as yet and grandma can’t speak on the subject. You forget that 18 year old had two screwy parents, mom who I think may be doing drugs and a dad who is seldom there as I understand it. I’m sure grandma was doing the best she could, considering he was dumped on her and he had only been there about 3 months. The truth will likely come out. Give this elderly woman the benefit of the doubt, after all it’s probably been many years since she had a kid living in her home and so many these days are highly unpredictable.

    • ?84z123wrpin zin says:

      Ah, another keyboard sleuth. Go away !

    • Annie says:

      Leave her alone she went threw enough…

  • June says:

    Feel sorry for the Grandma. She and all those people he killed sure didn’t deserve this! I hope she’s able to speak again and tell what she knew about the little bastard !

    • Leo says:

      I fairly certain she did not know he had those weapons especially if he was living with this grandparents b/c he was a problem child.

  • AK today and everyday..... says:

    Where did the kid get the money to purchase the Daniel Defense AR-15? Those are high end weapons $2000.00 plus .Where did he work? Who gave him the $$$ ? Anybody else want to know?



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