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New Bodycam Footage Released of Jacob Chansley Inside the Senate Chamber

Newly released video footage captured by body-worn police cameras has shown a new perspective of the clearing of the Senate chamber from January 6th.

The footage was presented as evidence during Jacob Chansley’s sentencing and was finally made public today.

The footage shows Chansley, “the QAnan Shaman,” peacefully exiting the premises, contrary to popular belief.

You can hear Chansley thank the police officers, saying, “God bless you guys. Thank you for your patience, we really appreciate it.”

Chansley was sentenced to 41 months in prison on November 17, 2021. He pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding, which is a felony offense. In addition to his prison sentence, Chansley was ordered to pay restitution to the government for damages incurred during the riot.


  • Leon says:

    I hope he sues them.

  • GATOR says:

    Jesus said we’d be persecuted in His name. Hopefully, Jacob is reminding himself of this everyday.

  • Bret says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for allowing me to be an insurrectionist during the tour. It’s been fun. God bless Hey you want to have coffee??

  • Breadwoman says:

    Unbelievable that the Court SAW this and then gave him a sentence of 4 yrs.!!! for what? simply ‘trespassing’ after being LET IN through wide open doors with guards on each side on the inside inviting them in, then chaparoned all over the Capitol Bldg, even unlocking doors for him (which he didn’t even respond to by entering!). What a SHAM! What a disgrace to all Americans! I, too, believe this was an overt action by the ‘Capitol Police’ to FRAME this man in a costume by LETTING HIM walk in front of them all over the place, unhindered, and never telling him to ‘leave’ or ‘get out’, OR that he was doing ANYTHING WRONG by simply ‘being there’. They LET HIM IN and walked him around. I’ve been there. I’ve been in a crowd to ‘see the Capitol’. This is what they do everyday. This was NOTHING UNUSUAL, except for the costume. Was THAT the illegal part???



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