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Nebraska Dem Loses It Over Bill Banning Transgender Surgeries for Minors

She had to have known the bill was going to pass.

It’s Nebraska, a deep red state with a unicameral legislature, with 32 of its 49 seats occupied by Republicans. So, this Nebraska Democrat did the only thing she could do: throw a tantrum.

It capped off the mayhem that erupted in Lincoln when the lawmakers finally passed a bill that banned transgender surgeries for minors and abortions after 12 weeks.

It’s a law that Sen. State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh (D) has filibustered for weeks (via Fox News):

A Friday morning session in the unicameral Nebraska legislature devolved into chaos after one Democratic lawmaker began shouting her support for transgender people amid a debate on a bill to ban sex change procedures for minors in the state.

The bill, which was ultimately approved by lawmakers and sent to Republican Gov. Jim Pillen’s desk to become law, bans sex change procedures for minors, as well as abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

In voicing her disapproval to the measure Friday morning, state Democrat Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh slapped the lectern and repeatedly shouted: “Transgender people belong here, we need trans people, we love trans people.”


Cavanaugh also railed against conservatives who voted for the hybrid bill — which includes protections for unborn children — and warned that people, medical professionals and businesses will leave the state over it.

“Your children are posting things on social media, your children are calling you, colleagues,” Cavanaugh said. “You have to live with your vote.… You have to live with the role that you play in history in the making today. You have to live with the fact that you vote to take away people’s rights. You have to live with that. The rest of us have to live with the implications of that, but you have to live with that.”

“If you didn’t sleep after Tuesday night, reflect on that. You don’t have to vote for this,” she added, just shortly before she called those who support the measure “weak.”

Cavanaugh also claimed that those who supported the measure “allowed” themselves to be “bought by the governor.”

And yes, around a half-dozen arrests were made inside the building once the law passed. It’s heading to Gov. Jim Pillen’s desk for signature, but this is out of control. Republicans must stand firm on this issue because the public is on their side regarding ending the transanity overtaking the Democratic Party. No one is pushing for laws that discriminate against transgender Americans regarding access to housing, education, or job opportunities.

Society does not, however, want teachers to dole out puberty blockers to minors behind parents’ backs or promote surgeries that are tantamount to mutilation. We’re acting as if 40 percent of the population is transgender—it’s not, with fewer than three percent (maybe less) identifying as such. It’s a niche issue that only consumes the lives of coastal progressives blind to the real problems facing the nation.

Full speech here:


  • A. Michaels says:

    There is something seriously wrong with these people. Outbursts like this only serve to prove what we’ve known for a long time, that democrats are a perverted lot with absolutely no morals, ethics or common decency. The party of Satan has spoken, let’s shove their words and deeds right down their friggin’ throats.

  • EZ says:

    your fired, haul the bitch to the funny farm….. time to stop playing games with these tards and time to dismantle any platforms allowing them to spew insanity



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