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Nearly One Million Americans Booted from Medicaid Coverage After Covid Rule Ends

At least 728,000 individuals have lost Medicaid coverage since the end of the COVID-19 related continuous enrollment provision in March, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

The analysis only includes 13 states and the District of Columbia, and undercounts the number of people who have lost coverage since many states do not offer public data on Medicaid disenrollments, according to KFF.

As many as 17 million people could ultimately lose Medicaid coverage due to the end of the continuous enrollment provision, a policy enacted under the Trump administration in 2020 which required Medicaid programs to keep recipients enrolled throughout the public health emergency, according to KFF.

Most disenrollments are due to procedural reasons such as failing to complete the renewal process on time or the state having out-of-date contact information, while only 10-20% are due to recipients actually being ineligible in most states, according to KFF. Iowa and Pennsylvania are the exceptions, with 45% and 57% respectively being removed due to ineligibility.

In Florida, about 249,400 people have been removed from Medicaid rolls, followed by about 141,600 in Arkansas and about 66,300 in Idaho, according to KFF. Ten more states are slated to begin disenrollments by October.

  • Jim says:

    Shouldnt of gotten it in the first fucking place.

    THIS is the entitlement that needs to be shelved, not Social security and Medicare(Which are paid from their own fund, NOT THE GOVERNMENT)

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