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NBC Admits New Poll Numbers for Biden Doesn’t Look Good

President Joe Biden’s struggles in the polls are no shocking news. He has been drowning since day one of his presidency, and liberal news outlets are being forced to admit it.

NBC host Chuck Todd revealed shocking low poll numbers for Biden, reportedly seeking a second term.

Fifty-three percent of voters who supported Biden in 2020 say that the president shouldn’t run again.

76 percent of voters under 35 believe Biden should not run in 2024, while only 41 percent of Americans think the 80-year-old should let new leadership take over.

“[This is] driven by the 58 percent of Americans who disapprove of how he handles the current economy. Just 30 percent of independents approve of Biden’s job overall,” Todd admitted.

Most pollsters said Biden’s age was a leading factor for why they don’t want to see him in the White House again, as well as his ability to do the job.

This comes as bombshells shed light on the Biden family’s involvement in money schemes. Earlier this week, an IRS whistleblower revealed that the president is working alongside Attorney General Merrick Garland to prevent Hunter Biden from being prosecuted for several financial crimes.

Biden has reached a lower approval rating than former President Trump, which the president once claimed was the “worst president America has ever had.”

The president’s mental and physical fitness has not only Republicans but also Democrats concerned with the future of Americans if Biden continues running the country the way he has done thus far.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), a former White House doctor for Barack Obama, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), cautioned that Biden’s mental health is so bad he will “get people killed” and lead America to war.

  • Bret says:

    This pole really shows that the people ( meaning democrats) believe that Biden is too old for a second term. If it was Biden anyway, the democrats would vote for him. Many Democrats believe he is doing a good job despite the world chaos and screwed up economy. According to them Biden just needs more time to fix things. Good luck with that. The only time a recent democratic president had a decent economy was under Clinton. But Clinton had a republican run house and senate and Gingrich sold the contract with America so well that slick Willy could not veto without looking bad to the people. My point is under democratic policies, world chaos and a lousy economy is a guarantee. Passing climate change policies does nothing for either.

  • Jeff N says:

    Any poll that shows that Biden’s support at more than 25% is a lie. There are just not that many die-hard Democrat voters. The “debate” about abortion is dying out and is being replaced by the controversy of biological males competing against biological females. The GOP wins “hands down”!

  • Zeynep Karakurt-Ozman says:

    Biden’s re-election bid is the JOKE of the century…….The man is invicible…… CNN is stressing Tucker Carlson’s leaving FOX, but Don Lemon’s departure from CNN is only on BBC News……… American media is in a real turmoil…… CNN is reluctantly opposing to Biden’s 4 more years dream nonsense, but they are using Trump’s name with him. I think they are trying to create a pair from Don Lemon – Tucker Carlson, and Trump with Biden……. America cannot survive with such cheap and stupid tricks. There is incredible pressure on good American people to topple down these thieves and lock them up for good. Hang Biden and Obama and throw them into the Black Hole. Their Soul is annulled.



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