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NASCAR Unveils First Electric Racecar

NASCAR is hitting the streets of Chicago once again this weekend, and they’ve brought along something that could be hitting the track in the years to come: an all-electric prototype.

This will go over really well with purists…

Like many leagues, racing series, companies, and organizations, NASCAR is on a quest to reduce its carbon footprint, and since the sport involves burning some of that sweet, sweet Sunoco racing fuel, the easiest way to do this is to go electric.

So, NASCAR showed off a new $1.5 million prototype electric stock car that it partnered with ABB — title sponsor of the all-electric single-seater series Formula E — to build.

According to a NASCAR press release, current OEM partners — Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota — were in on developing this prototype.

According to the Associated Press, the prototype did some laps at Martinsville with David Ragan behind the wheel and got around the Paperclip two seconds slower than current stock cars thanks to its slowness through the corners due to it being heavier than its gas-powered counterparts.

It looks neat, but it makes you wonder how quick to get excited about electric cars NASCAR fans would be.

There are pros and cons to electric racing. The instant torque and acceleration are cool, but one thing fans tend to miss is the sound of an engine. That’s been a common critique of Formula 1 since it adopted V6 turbo-hybrid engines about a decade ago. The cars simply aren’t that loud.

However, electrification is the future of racing with the aforementioned Formula 1 being well into its hybrid era, while IndyCar debuts hybrid engines this weekend.

I don’t know that I’d be too pumped to see the Cup Series ever go full electric, but I think looking into some kind of hybrid system might be interesting. However, I think creating a new all-electric stock car series would be extremely interesting, and would probably even draw interest from new manufacturers.

Manufacturers Would Benefit From A NASCAR Push Toward Going Electric.

Speaking of which, while environmental concerns are one reason for the push toward electrification, another is that consumers aren’t adopting them. So, manufacturers are looking for ways to market them to more consumers.

Eric Warren, head of global motorsports competition for General Motors told the Associated Press that market research says NASCAR fans are more likely to go electric if there is a connection to racing.

Y’know, like that adage, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.”

“We’re committed to electric vehicles,” Warren said. “Racing gives a great platform to discuss a lot of those concepts and educate fans. It’s a laboratory for us to try some new technologies and learn as we educate.”

We’ll see where NASCAR decides to go in the future, as there are no plans to use this thing in competition.

But if just about every other major racing series on the planet has gone in this direction, there’s no reason to think NASCAR won’t follow suit.

  • P says:

    Left at the starting line cause someone tripped over the extension cord plugged into the lamp post lol

  • Serenity Now! says:

    Electric car racing will be a brief novelty that will be replaced by a racing series involving Amazon delivery drivers. The Amazon racing series will eventually be replaced by the excitement of hypersonic flying car racing. A decade later, racing in all forms will be replaced by something called “The Podd”. While by todays standards, “The Podd” would appear as an oddity that takes the legacy of humanity & civilization backwards…in the future it will eclipse the popularity of “The Fidget Spinner” and allow people to spend their entire lives in the confines of an egg-shaped pod that will supply all of their needs through virtual reality. In conclusion, “The Podd” will be available for purchase on Amazon using Federally Mandated credits. The credits are acquired by compliant individuals who report to the authorities….other individuals who have refused the prerequisite “Podd” implant.

  • Trump Won says:

    I left through the entire article. Electric race cars. We used to have one of those as a kid, you put it on a track and they pull the trigger. Aren’t they all going to go the same speed?

  • One says:

    Congratulations, global elites. You’ve put the final nail in the coffin for yet another great sport. But, of course this is the objective of your sinister agenda. RUIN EVERYTHING. Sports, entertainment, education, health care – EVERYTHING.

    As an American citizen, the Constitution allows us to REPLACE A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, AND/OR ELIMINATE ANYONE in an elected or non-elected position who subverts the will of the people. If they do not leave by peaceful means, LETHAL FORCE IS AUTHORIZED.

    I do hope people understand that before the global elites forcibly disarm many and kill them for not following the narrative. Guns sales are at an all-time high. People know whether Trump wins or not, there’s going to be lawlessness. Why? Because it’s all part of the agenda. Extreme chaos, until the masses can’t take anymore, and beg the same tyrannical, dicatatorial, shadow government who manufactured the chaos – for relief…and that’s when they’re going to give it. THEIR relief, in the form of a NEW WORLD ORDER. THEIR ORDER.

    Lock and load people. This is the end game. We will have to kill or be killed. Those who don’t recognize this VERY possible scenario are in denial.

  • Sherri Hostuttler says:

    what a bad idea! first of all the weight on that car will make it a lot slower than gas powered cars. second of all the minute this car crashes, it’s going to be a devastating explosion! whoever though this was a good ideal is an idiot!!!



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